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Landscape Photography in BAD Light | Zion National Park – Viral Trends

Landscape Photography in BAD Light | Zion National Park

Landscape photography is easy when we get great light. But, what about the days of bad light?
Check out my landscape photography on IG at @brendanvanson.
We were in Zion National Park today with hopes of doing some hiking and some photography. But, the light was terrible. In fact, it might have been the worst light you could get for landscape photography.
But, we made the most of it, even in the rain. We did one of the most popular hikes in Zion National Park: Angel’s Landing. Up there, though, it started to rain pretty hard and it started to get icy. So, we weighed our options and took some pictures while we waited.
Thought the episode, I give some landscape photography tips for shooting in bad light. Obviously, it’s really easy to take pictures when the light is amazing. But, in bad light, it can be a challenge. So, a tutorial, I think is really helpful.
Eventually, we hiked down Angel’s Landing and did some photography at a bridge overlooking Zion National Park. And, even in the bad light, I think we got some cool photos.
Tomorrow, on the photography channel, I find some epic light here in the US Southwest.


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Comments 32

  1. OMG you are in one of my favorite places ever!!! Hopefully will be moving near there someday!! I am so glad I found your channel and it was an instant subscribe for me – for the photography, the travel, the tips and the awesome delivery and personality. You shoot dSLR, drone and GoPro and all of those are interests of mine!! Thanks for posting and looking forward to more!! I had a friend tell me once the worst weather makes the best photography and sometimes I've found that to be true!

  2. Sometimes I put a someone's vlog without watching just listening in the backround and editing pictures. Then I watch it again to see what the heck is this guy talking about 🙂

  3. Like you, and some other commenters apparently, I have always said there is no such thing as bad light. I will add one more thing to that though, and that is, even if it's pouring rain and you can't see past your nose, I'm happy because it means I get to catch up on sleep LOL, which is always a problem on my adventurers because of so much nightscape photography…

  4. That's was an awesome. Also enjoyed your photos. Can't wait to see of vlog on Paige you're going to love it. Hope you a chance too visit Monument Valley. Been there a few times love photographing that place.

  5. Very true about the fact you can shoot in any light. I'm also lucky to live in a scenic part of the world (Cornwall) but it's so easy to make excuses not to go out. BTW if you don't mind the cheeky advice, I did think those exposed tree roots would have made a good subject for an 'intimate landscape' another thing that can be done in any light.

  6. Just have to say how I am so glad that I currently attend a university (Southern Utah University), where: Zion NP is 90 minutes away from campus, Bryce NP is 2 hours away from Campus, and Cedar Breaks NM is 45 min away from campus.

    So yeah, currently if you are still around Zion Brendan. Then you are quite close to where I live. And I get to practice photography out in landscapes just like that, where I couldn’t be any more thankful about.

  7. I always say … there is never bad light… only light that needs to be exploited. My wife is best at this because she is not been corrupted by the technical aspect of photography. She keeps it simple and shoots what looks good. A lot of times I wish I had the skill of …"not having the skill". It's is ironic but true and helps make photography art.

    All that said, there is such a thing as bad weather…. {flash backs of shooting in weather so cold my batteries failed in minutes… ugh!} 🙂

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