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Caribbean Princess and Panama Canal Post Cruise – Trip report – Viral Trends

Caribbean Princess and Panama Canal Post Cruise – Trip report

We’re back from our LONG awaited cruise to the Panama Canal on Caribbean Princess. Join us for a post Caribbean Princess and Panama Canal cruise livestream where l talk about the ship renovations…


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  1. Ugh! Those taxi drivers just want to make a quick buck 😐
    Usually you don't find taxis on the streets of Cayman (unless they're on their way to/from picking up tourists (Cayman residents don't normally take cabs). Heck, the bus depot is 5 mins from the port – it's just more convenient to grab a cab right outside the port.
    Next time you come to Cayman I'll happily help you out 😊

  2. Hey Sheri. Sorry I missed another live stream yet again. Sounds like you guys had an amazing time. When exactly did you leave? It looked like you were home around Thanksgiving unless you recorded that early, so wasn't sure. That wouldn't make sense timewise.My question is why do we not know hubby's name? Why is he only called Mr. CTTV? Is that his choice? Personal reason? You guys don't want your viewers to know? And how do you not slip and say it by accident while on air? I've been wondering since I started watching your videos:) Love you guys and can't wait to see the blogs of this one! Our cruise is 34 days away!

  3. Hello love your videos can you do a video on the coral princess Panama Canal cruise and things to do for kids on the boat we are going soon and we need to entertain our 13 year old

  4. Hi Sheri. So, you came to my home country of Costa Rica and didn't even say hello? I'm glad you had a good time 🙂 . I mentioned , a few videos back, that I've retired from working and RCCL.

  5. Sheri, sorry I missed this live, but this was great!  I too like the Caribe deck for the extra space (terrific for Ultimate Balcony Dining).  Definitely have to do a PC cruise after hearing about yours!

  6. my husband and I will be taking our first cruise in March of 2019 , we will be on carnival dream. my question is have you ever booked through the "Cruise Only" agency or do you know anything about them. Are they a good agency to go through? thank you for your time.

  7. Glad to hear that you had a great trip! Those new Princess beds sounds delightful. Wildlife is amazing in Costa Rica. I had a bullet ant climb onto my hand, huge! Luckily I didn't get stung.
    We would love to do a full transit repo down the road too, hopefully from South America. We cancelled our Baja cruise, figured we owed Carnival the deposit anyways, since we got a double refund last summer. I didn't realize that California schools were out all week, until a couple months ago, and recent reviews of Imagination/Inspiration reflect more of a wild time than we were expecting. Who knows, maybe we'll try Princess out up the coast, and back down to Catalina/Escenada, at some point. Next up: HAL

  8. I can't wait for next week's vlog! I'm going on a 14 day warm weather cruise with a flight and might try carry-on only now once I see how your experience was. Could you possibly make one of the December vlogs for just general questions?

  9. We are doing the full transit cruise on Coral and were thinking of booking the sanctuary on the day we go through the locks. Just wondering if anybody has had any experience with that. And I hate I had to miss the live Vlog 🙁

  10. Thanks for the honesty about Cartahana (sp?). I probably would never be on a Panama cruise but you kind of like to be prepared and kind of know what you might be getting into.

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