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Camping and Landscape Photography | Close to Home – Viral Trends

Camping and Landscape Photography | Close to Home

Camping and Landscape Photography. Took a landscape Photograph at a old Homestead location

#Rooftoptent #CarCamping #LandscapePhotography #Photography #Photograph #CVTFamily #CVTTents

Gear List: https://www.primal-outdoors.com/gear
Music By:
Skylar Thody https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd0HoczkJ2DT1dOWntL4vgA

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Comments 43

  1. We camped at Cyrus horse camp a couple years ago in early spring before trees began to bloom. I made the mistake of following directions to camp that are on USFS web site. Not the way to take a big rig into the area in spring ( I am 59 feet long, truck and trailer). We had a great time exploring and geocaching in 4wd. enjoy your videos.

  2. I always get a lot from your videos I think you gathered that by now. You were relatively close to home but still found a sweet spot and took a great landscape shot.
    I always feel saddened when you see locations where settlers were and then had to leave, it makes you think about the person planting those apple trees and their dreams and aspirations and the hardships and possible heartbreak of leaving such a place. Although long ago now it's a poiningant reminder of the pioneers that made this country so very special.
    As always Jason thank you for bringing us along and sharing.

  3. Another great video. Horse campground that's a new one for me. I camp mostly on our property close to home and still enjoy it to this day. Being out in nature is a blessing that everyone who can should partake off. Take care, Al

  4. hi Jason:  great video as always.  This is exactly the type of camping we will be doing this spring and summer.  Have you thought of doing (or re-doing) a video on "must-have" equipment and camping gear?  Love the narratives in all your videos.  Thanks!

  5. Jason I am a fan of yours. You do nice work and your photography excursion always brighten my day. Thank You So Much for catching the Sun Rise and Sun Sets' at just the right moment. But I have to ask a question. Who taught you or what is the theory behind pilling the extra wood up next to your truck tire? I have never seen anybody do that before. No matter why your truck tire is a wood storage area; your furry friends seem very happy on this trip.

  6. Another nice one Jason. It is always enjoyable to see you and the pups put there enjoying the fresh air and what nature has to offer (along with that awesome camping setup that you have there.) Also, I sure hope that you will someday publish your photos in a book or album form. You are getting a lot of great pictures of places in Oregon that are not normally captured by the "postcard" seekers. It allows a whole different view of things instead of the typical Crater Lake, Multnomah Falls, Hell's Canyon, Portland Skyline, and other tourist spots. Thanks for sharing all of this with us my friend.

  7. Awesome as always Jason
    Audio was chipmunk like on phone but fine on computer…?
    Your drone footage really adds to your video depth. Have you ever considered making a full length pay to watch movie? I for one would be glad to pay for that type of content. Safe Travels.

  8. I really appreciate how often you get outside. It's something I aspire to. Any experience using the CVT without the anti-condensation mat? We just got the Mr. Rainer and trying to decide if it's worth the investment. Thanks

  9. what sort of program do you use for editing? I'm just starting to get back into taking photos and am wondering what sort of program I should be looking at. I would probably be mostly outdoors type of shooting.

  10. I like how your dogs were incorporated into this video. Sharing there experience. I feed raw also in combination with a good no grain, vegetable kibble. Horse camps are nice off-season.

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