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‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Director Marc Webb Reacts To Marvel’s New Reboot | Comic-Con 2015 – Viral Trends

‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Director Marc Webb Reacts To Marvel’s New Reboot | Comic-Con 2015

‘Amazing Spider-Man’ and ‘Limitless’ director, Marc Webb, breaks down Marvel’s new take on ‘Spider-Man’ (starring Tom Holland) — and what he misses from his version. Subscribe to MTV:…


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  2. Christopher Nolan is an example that the reboot can be much better than the original movie, and Marc Webb is an example that the original can be much better than the reboot.

  3. How can Marc Webb feel bad about this? The reboot is going to make his movies look good.
    Jon Watts has done fantastic music videos. ? LOL Wow. That's someone I want directing Spiderman. The director of cop car. What?
    The only question is how bad will it be? Are we talking (new) Fantastic 4? Green Lantern? Or are we going to go all in for a Superman IV Quest for Peace level of suck? Have fun wasting your money on this.

  4. Raimi movies were trash, Tobey McCries alot didn't even beat any of the villians. They all just killed themselves. TASM 2 was so good, the spider that created Spider-man also created the Goblin. Fucking gold. This reboot is going to be about another crybaby only he's more of a twig this time around

  5. Sam Raimi and Marc Webb are awesome and cool they did a great job with spidey and hope the best for them in future films they work on and John Watts has huge shoes to fill though.

  6. The problem I have with the reboot is that Spidey is one of the darkest and most dramatic superheroes of all time. He's lost his parents. Sure, Batman did too. But because of HIS OWN faults, he lost his Uncle, his girlfriend, his mentor, and, in some cases, several of his friends. Spidey is a walking case of PTSD combined with his hormones. While I enjoy the comedy of spider man that should never be the focus. I'm consistently more worried this is going to be like the godawful Ultimate Spider Man cartoon where he's basically a diet Deadpool

  7. i didn't care for Andrew Garfield in this role, but I believe the writers of the last spider-man were more at fault. To much dam trying to be funny! Spider man needs to be set in a drama not comedy.

  8. Amazing Spider-Man 3 sounds like it would've been awful. I read that they were thinking about making Peter make some kind of chemical  that brings back dead people? That's just bad.

  9. I don't understand these people dude i love Webbs spidey and I loves the TASM franchise I didn't see a reason for a reboot tbh but I'm excited spidey is joining the MCU maybe they can work the whole spiderverse story arc in sumhow that would make a awesome movie

  10. Do you know what breaks my heart? The Amazing Spider Man 2 was such a great superhero film, the complex narrative, the compelling themes, the strong characterization, the emotional complexity, the clever screenplay that balanced the different tones and characters and didn't insult the audiences intelligence, amazing visual effects, and the superb direction, with wonderful colourful action sequences, and the establishing of a universe while still telling a compelling story. ALL OF THAT, Just Gone. It makes me sad. I demand The Amazing Spider Man 3 Right Now!
    The Marketing was absolute shit, but that doesn't make the movie bad at all. Don't listen to the haters who call the film a giant set up movie, or worse than Batman & Robin (cough Trilbee), or think the Phillip Phillips song is out of place, when none of that is even remotely true. 
    Gwen's death was Peter's fault because if he had stayed true to the promise he made to her father (though that's questionable given the moral dilemma of what Gwen wants and what her father wants, making Peter sympathetic because he wants to do the right thing, despite not knowing what is the right thing to do), and made things right with Harry, Gwen would not have died. YES she drove a car into Electro endangering herself but need I remind you how the WHOLE CITY IS UNDER ATTACK BY ELECTRO ANYWAY, and she doesn't die by Electro's hands, she dies because both her and Peter get caught off guard by Goblin, there was no longer any danger until Goblin showed up.
    Anyway Marc Webb I just want to say thank you for giving us a compelling story about Peter Parker, and the effects that his choices, be it good or bad, have on other people and himself. You are such a talented film maker.

  11. Y'know, a lot of you assholes are going to attack Marc Webb because SUDDENLY Marvel has the rights back now, which SUDDENLY makes Webb a shitty director. But consider this, a lot of things went into the TASM movies that we didn't even know about until late last year and a lot of those choices weren't Webb's fault. I'm not saying it's possible he may have had to do with some of those choices, but the producers meddled again (STILL NOT LEARNING FROM SPIDER-MAN 3). Their meddling is what ended Raimi's trilogy, and what ended Webb's run on Spider-Man. In some ways, you can say The Avengers unintentionally ruined Spider-Man (but of couse saved him at the same time) because after that movie came out, no longer was Hollywood interested in THE DARK KNIGHT type of vibe, but more so for THE AVENGERS team up/universe vibe. Also, a lot of the scenes from TASM and TASM2 got cut out, so we never knew what those films could have been if they were properly released. And Webb was brave for taking on Spider-Man after only having done ONE feature film, so give the guy a break. And you can't argue there wasn't some greatness in the TASM movies, particularly how the first one was handled. Damn, I wrote a book.

  12. i thought he would be bitter or disappointed but he seems just fine.
    i think marc webb is a solid director, first TAS i liked very much but the second i didnt like as much but it wasnt his fault, those idiots who run sony are to blame because he didnt have the freedom he wanted, there were simply too many hands in the kitchen. i wish there was TAS3 with andrew garfield who is the best spiderman and it would be cool to see venom, S6, TAS3 which should be the movie that's gonna correct the mistakes from TAS2 and get the franchise back on track.

  13. People have bashed The Amazing Spider-Man films so hard! It's a shame because we could have got Norman Osborn back from the 'dead' and use Mysterio to bring back Gwen and mess with Peter's head! What a finale, but NO now we fans are tangled in this web. DAMN YOU HATERS!

    Rhino was perfect I don't know why people have been hating the character. He was portrayed exactly how he is in the comics. The suit was great and Giamatti's performance was very satisfying.

  14. Well I wanted to see TASM3 wanted to see at 6S surpassed Peter wanted to see the death of Gwen over to see the Avengers but in order to give the opportunity open to Holland but convinces me 50 50 but I hope Jon Watts has a character good vision even so thanks Marc Webb TASM1 whatever they say was the best above the overrated Spider-Man 2

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