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Top 5 Legitimate Gripes With Star Wars: The Last Jedi – Viral Trends

Top 5 Legitimate Gripes With Star Wars: The Last Jedi

For the other side of the debate check out: https://youtu.be/Ass3PFRhxCE Top 5 Legitimate Gripes With Star Wars: The Last Jedi Subscribe: http://goo.gl/Q2kKrD // Have a Top 10 idea? Submit…


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Comments 26

  1. Really?? So everybody buy the idea that Rey is strong because the force the light side choose some nobody to be great without any training at all? while the dark side chose a weak Ren that cant make up his mind to be evil?? That right there aint star wars.

  2. 5. Finn is reduced to a supporting role
    4. Rose is too annoying but has potential
    3. Lukes death is a bit too fast
    2. Leia's flying scene is executed wrong (good idea though)
    1. Canto Bight is boring

  3. Dunnoa bout evryone else, but for me this movie killed star wars, I wont spend another dime on any SW franchise or movies or anythung that related to star wars. I feel like luke that close himself from the force…

  4. The jokes aren't just out of place, oftentimes they'd compromise character values just for a laugh! (Luke tossing the lightsaber…????) First Justice League now Star Wars… I'm getting really sick of Whedon's influence

  5. My top reasons why this movie was awful:

    1. Luke died? Why? How? Where did he go?
    2. Kylo is such a horrible villain. – Darth Vader was cold, merciless, powerful; but was still interesting. Kylo acts like a child who got his toy taken away. crying, angry, breaking his helmet, shooting 20,000 times to kill Luke? Really?
    3. The Kylo shirtless scene was so strange. It felt very awkward. Like a teen romance movie. Stupid and out of place.
    4. Luke is hero, legend, myth…. However, he is a total BITCH in this movie. Gonna kill your apprentice in his sleep? Like the powerful jedi you are? And hes afraid of reys power? Some jedi. they destroyed everything good about Luke.
    5. So many plot points that went NO WHERE and FOR NO REASON
    a) CPT Phasma dies after 3 minute fight (why even bother making her look badass?),
    b) Reys parents are just drunks? Great buildup from the first movie.
    c) The casino scene. WHY?
    d) "training" for 1.5 hours on a island with Luke really giving her only 2 lessons over a course of a few days (but hey shes a jedi now),
    e) Luke threw his light saber 3 seconds after having it? Glad that was a big deal in the first movie.
    f) What was the end goal of the getaway scene that lasted the whole movie?- Lets just keep going until we run out of gas. STUPID. BORING. CRAZY.
    g) SNOKE??? WHY WAS SO MUCH BUILT UP? who is he? where is he from? what is his motivations? – oh you killed him so it doesnt matter. Thanks for building that up.
    h) what the heck was that "evil hole" in the island? thanks for including that, and giving us no explanation.

    JUST A HORRIBLE MOVIE. HORRIBLE. and the more time that passes the more I hate it. Phantom Menace was fun at least. Hope this director goes away forever, and never comes back to do a Star Wars film. Disgrace.

  6. I loved it myself I respect the opinion of those who didn't though. It was bold and fresh. Star wars needed a big shape up. I want this saga to go on for ever and a new direction like TLJ will make that happen. It's no longer chosen ones with strong parentage the future of the force is nobodies. People like Rey. I would however love a new younger Skywalker who's not Kylo Ren. The Skywalker saga is not done, there's got to be more Skywalkers. It shouldn't end with Luke and Leia.

  7. Top 1 reasons Star Wars fans hate The Last Jedi:

    1. They are whiny assholes who had such high expectations (read: fan theories so elaborate they were basically movie scripts) that the chance of TLJ not being a letdown was literally zero.

  8. I think that although I agree that the 1/2 hour section on CasinoWorld could easily have been left out it's also worth noting it's pretty daring for a film to wrongfoot it's audience so much as to have all that effort for nothing – plus the end sequence with the kids telling the story of Luke brings it back in a bit.  I can understand why die hard fans had an issue with some areas – but it worked for me regardless of them – but it also has to grow a new audience and will never please everyone

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