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Millennials React To Start Of Trump Era In New Polling | Morning Joe | MSNBC – Viral Trends

Millennials React To Start Of Trump Era In New Polling | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Harvard’s John Della Volpe joins Morning Joe to discuss polling on how young people view America at the start of the Trump era. » Subscribe to MSNBC: http://on.msnbc.com/SubscribeTomsnbc …


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Comments 48

  1. Joe is laughably out of touch with the life of millennials. Large portions are having kids, either studying or working (usually under employed), paying off debt, and are not seeing much social support from govt regarding wages, job growth, healthcare, or infrastructure. As far as being involved in the election, I think most of us tuned out when our guy was sabotaged by the DNC.

  2. First of all, polls are not endemic of the country, especially not surveys, so be skeptical of this guy's research. Polling colleges is not polling all young Americans. Second of all, you have to weigh "motivation" against other things. There is no context for that word when you just test it on its own. What about the record number of young people rallying for Bernie? What about the dissatisfaction with the status quo? What about the apathy for a media that won't hold autocrats and corporatists to the flame? A poll like this I suggest was biased from the start, by limiting its scope and its context to get angry at young people for not voting enough in 2016's election: ergo, it's my generations fault.

  3. Why are they automatically assuming that the 42% who chose "No Change" in their involvement aren't involved at all? If they are already involved as much as they feel they can get involved, then the answer should be an acceptable one.

  4. There are many decent, respectable, and hard working young people.
    The problem is our government has been hijacked by the international bankers and our defense contractors. Check how rich your Congressman has gotten because of this. Congress and Obama increased defense spending and much of what is spent of the dwindling Social Services budget is going to non-productive drug addicts. That is why we have to buy goods labeled Made in China.

  5. The left is still so obsessed with data and polling which is shocking considering the fact that polling epically failed during the election. The left NEEDS to pick their heads up from the data/polls and get out there and appeal to all people, not just trannies, black/brown people, and those ridiculous man-hating feminists. I am a Republican , and I am more than happy to watch the left reap what they sowed, but America needs a system of healthy, and sound political parties to provide a checks and balances. But with the left cannabilizing itself, that's not going to happen anytime soon.

  6. Jo is a dolt. "No Change" does not necessarily equal "apathy". But that was an apathetic way to read those stats. This show would be so much better without his constant interruptions, digressions and his long-drawn out, hesitating blurts. It must be like having a simple minded horse stumbling about the studio

  7. of course they dont want to get involed, why would they? the system is rigged and those who run the show behind the scenes pick and choose who gets what. the people have zero power, it is all an illusion.

  8. "42% no change" is meaningless if you don't know the existing views of the people you are polling. How stupid can you be to miss that? "They are just playing Xbox and can't be bothered." OR just maybe they already had strong views and motivations that existed prior to the election?! It's very easy for the wording of of a poll's questions to heavily bias the data to prove whatever you set out to find in the first place.

  9. As a generation X' er I love the generation of adults who fit in the millennial demographic. For instance Hank & John Green of the Vlog brothers. Phillip DeFranco. VidCon, Playlist. People from 21'ish to 36 inspire me everyday with the massive online communities they have assembled. These 21st Century entrepenuers have the Right Stuff unbeknownst to Joe Scarborough. And they have inflenced a massive 100 million strong army of followers (The following that built YouTube to be exact), And Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat . A following much, much more loyal than any Major network could hope to become. And Have been watching NBC news since 1966.

  10. Hi! Millenial here! I personally do not care for football, fantasy or real, and I do not own an Xbox. I am, however, working 50+ hours a week in order to be able to afford my rent and to put towards my student debt, as I paid my own way through school. I find Joe's comment to be quite insulting and completely out of touch with reality, as I'm sure most millennials today are in the same boat as me. Joe, you would know this if you ever actually took the time to find out what the lives of most millennials are like as opposed to making insulting and baseless generalizations.

  11. If millenials don't want to get involved, then they get what they get. You have to participate in a democracy – the classic put up or shut up. I'm still optimistic that more will get involved.

  12. I scream at my screen when rioting on campus is discussed. No one is addressing the paid goons that are instigating these riots. The damage at peaceful demonstrations are caused by masked rioters that have been recruited for the purpose of disruption.

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