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Mail Call – Winter Camping Glove Strategy, Camp Saws & Astro Photography – Viral Trends

Mail Call – Winter Camping Glove Strategy, Camp Saws & Astro Photography

Topical discussion on various Backpacking, Camping, Hiking & Travel topics. http://www.sintax77.com

For an easier read check out my full blog post here: http://www.sintax77.com/mail-call-winter-camping-glove-strategy-camp-saw-options-astro-photography

Topics Discussed / Links to Items Seen on this Episode:
(Shopping via our Amazon Links help support future content – thanks!)

Hiking the Florida Trail?
White Water Rafting Trips?
My previous canoe camping trip experience.
Some fresh threads from Lucid Skis up in Maine https://www.lucidskis.com/
Thoughts on winter gloves for camping and backpacking trips.
Sealskinz Ultra Grip water proof gloves http://amzn.to/2FaWrAJ
Camera that Sara used for the northern lights pics in our recent Iceland video.
Panasonic GM1 Camera (no longer in production, I scored Sara’s on Ebay)
Venus Laowa 7.5mm F2.0 ultra wide angle lens. http://amzn.to/2m6C5QB
Mittens / Overmits for camping http://amzn.to/2CNtEE3
Discussion on camping saws for backpacking trips.
Canadian Shield Pocket Chainsaw recommended by viewer http://amzn.to/2CMxpJT
Coleman Folding Saw http://amzn.to/2CEEVDC
Finding Flight Deals
Sky Scanner https://www.skyscanner.com/
ITA Flight Matrix https://matrix.itasoftware.com/
Google Flight Search Map https://www.google.com/flights/
*There are phone app versions for these flight search engines, but using the desktop versions when possible is far more powerful.
How we came about going to Iceland (twice)
A huge thank you to Dwayne for the Xmas gift box.
How to make easy and amazing trail pizza, with packable ingredients.
MSR Flex Skillet for ultralight backpacking camp cooking. http://amzn.to/2CDkGpx
There’s noting like a post-hike burger.
I need to do a solo winter backpacking trip somewhere within drving distance of the Mid-Atlantic. Any suggestions?

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Comments 36

  1. Great video… I guess a lot of us viewers need to step up our game after seeing that last guy's package to you both. Looking forward to that solo hiking video… please try to add in some info on your camp set-up (before, during and after your camp is set-up) footage. My wife and I have also thoroughly enjoyed your couples videos. We've done a few overnighters and she's still on the fence, almost off the fence towards the dayhike side but your videos of both of you backpacking tend to make her lean more back to my side of the fence.

  2. Love the mail call series. I also use mittens and gloves together for super cold temps. I have a pair of wool fingerless gloves and insulated mittens. Half the time I only wear one or the other, but its nice to have the layering option.

  3. this was a great video, I like military surplus trigger mittens myself, yes you lose a little dexterity, but like you said, your fingers stay so much warmer than in gloves

  4. I use Corona pruning saws for camping, bushcrafting and normal tree trimming around the farm. They make a very good saw for the price. I used mine cutting firewood at the camp last night.

  5. Tuscarora Trail might fit the bill. It’s an alternate route for the AT from Shenandoah National Park, up a different ridge to Harrisburg, PA. Haven’t explored much of this trail, but the PATC has good maps and the shelters are awesome (so far). If you decide on hiking in Northern VA/WV and need a ride, hit me up. Id be happy to drop you off and let you hike back to your car or whatever.

  6. YOU GOT TO GET TO SUPAI IN THE GRAND CANYON ONE OF THESE DAYS!!! It’s the most amazing, beautiful outdoor adventure place you can visit. I’ve been there twice and I’m still dying to go back. Fairly inexpensive too and you can tie Vegas into the trip. Love your channel!

  7. I have two Bahco 9-inch Laplander saws , and they are great . I also used a silky saw, and also heard a lot of great things about them.
    On the silky saw, it cuts on the pull , but it does it very efficiently. Only thing you have to worry about silky saws is, that they bend easy, do to people trying to use it as a push pull saw like the laplander.

  8. If you want a COLD trip try the Allegheny National Forrest. Not like -30 in the whites but cold for mid Atlantic and and several well known loops with campsites on the reservoir.

  9. Hey Sean, so many saws out there, just to note walmart make a pretty decent copycat, works rather well, on another note,you and Sara need to check into a flight out to Durango Co, take the train up to drop off point, hike the Weniminuch wilderness, a good four or five day hike

  10. Manistee river trail. 20+ mile it is a great loop. Jordan river pathway 20 mile loop both of these are in Michigan. both of these have some mileage on the North Country Trail. NCT they have great views and are worth the drive.

  11. Sintax, Come out toward Pittsburgh. Do a portion of the laurel Highlands Hiking Trail near Ohiopyle. My crew and I attempted a winter hike here and had several fails. Funny fails none the less. Man i want a chance to tackle the Laurel Highlands in the winter with my hammock.

  12. Hey Sintax77. I always enjoy your videos, looking forward to new clips. Its nice to see you visiting Europe. I only wish you could spend some more time here. It seems such a loss for you to jet over here and miss all the fun, while having to think about return airline tickets and such.

  13. As mentioned before, hope you can make it out to Roan Mountain, TN/NC one day. Hands down, one of the best views on the Appalachian Trail! You’ll be camping above the clouds.

  14. Have a coleman, got a laplander,but after seeing the Russian Survival guy swear by the Kantanaboy and watching it cut , I bought one. We do a week , pull a pulk snow camping trip ea yr and that Kantana boy has saved us HRS of time !!!! Since the KB I have bought three other sizes and they ALL are great !!! Get a silky , get a Silky , get a Silky !! Oh , BTW , did I mention SILKY'S ?? 🙂 Winter : NCT / MRT 21 mile loop with the Manistee River Trail , give er a go mate 🙂 …………. Good to see you guys again …….later….Gubs

  15. Hey Sintax. In regards to gloves; I found the Marmot Btu gloves to be quite useful. The inside liner is made from a high loft fleece which feels amazing. Wore it down to 9°f or -12°c. Although a bit bulky it has some dexterity unlike traditional mittens.

  16. No doubt the Whites are on your potential winter solo list? Next time you are up there try the Little Grille in Littleton for the post-hike burger, best food for miles around. Also another shout out for Silky saws, high-quality saws.

  17. I use Silky saws of various lengths for all my backpacking and trail maintenance trips. Small, light weight and cuts extremely well but only on the pull as they're Japanese made.

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