Landscape Photography, ND Filter at One Below and Top 5 Pics of 2017, David McCormack

Just had to try my new filter holder and ND filter even though it was below zero. I also take a moment to present my five favorite photographs from 2017.


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  1. I give you credit for being out in that weather. Not sure if I'd survive that kind of cold! I really liked the top 5 at the end. #4 was one of my favorites from your channel last year but my absolute favorite from you didn't make it into your top 5 at all. It was the shot through the cabin window in Jackson Hole. I look forward to watching your adventures in 2018. Stay warm over there Dave!

  2. Great vlog. loved the background music and voice overs. The image of the day was superb. I did a shoot recently in the cold (posted in a few weeks) and like yourself batteries, mic's and cameras were failing. You did well to finish this vlog. Happy new year

  3. Major props to you, David. I was in pain just watching you set up in that weather. Here on the east coast, it hasn't been much different than your area of normally brutally cold weather. I did get a shot recently but I will admit that I didn't work it like I would have and bailed on the shoot. I got a decent image but probably would have done better if I had not been such a hot house flower.

  4. Lovely pace to this vlog David, and the resulting images arnt too bad either. I'm in the process of trying to vlog my photography adventures, managed to pluk up the courage to record on Sunday just gone, completely mis-judged how close I needed the mic and so the audio was shot! … Sill for my first attempt the video wasn't too bad. I'm looking forward to watching how your adventures and vlogs develop over the coming weeks. Subscribe from me 🙂

  5. Nice one, welcome in my world! Tip, it’s more easier if you slide filter into holder before you place the holder to the lens…. Absolutely beautiful this wall of clouds behind the lighthouse! Great selection of your TOPS!

  6. Really wicked shot at 5:35! Looks absolutely freezing cold out there. You did well to work out in those conditions. I've just started experimenting with video myself. If you get a moment I would massively appreciate if you could take a look at what I have created and provide some professional feedback. All the best!

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