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Best Cameras for Travel Photography/Video | Travel Tips & Tricks | How 2 Travelers – Viral Trends

Best Cameras for Travel Photography/Video | Travel Tips & Tricks | How 2 Travelers

Rachel Rudwall and Andrea Feczko debate the pros and cons of ziplining.

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About Andrea Feczko:
Hey! I’m Andrea Feczko and welcome to How 2 Travelers! This is your one-stop guide to everything you need to know about traveling. Before I got my dream job as the travel expert on ABC’s Vacation Creation, I started here making YouTube videos. You may recognize me from starring in the Key of Awesome as Kesha and Taylor Swift (YouTube’s #1 Music Video Parody of All Time). Travel is my passion. I’m on the road 8 months out of the year, averaging 30 countries, and have made 5 of them my home. I want to show you that the world is accessible to anyone and everyone- and here’s how to see it!

Best Cameras for Travel Photography/Video | Travel Tips & Tricks | How 2 Travelers

How 2 Travelers


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Comments 32

  1. Awesome video! Hereabouts at Y&S FOOD! we like to come across these kind of contents. We make Travel & Food films as well, around the globe, so we are habitually looking to get inspirations and also creative concepts. Thank You.

  2. I'm not really interested in buying a new camera but I would like up my photography game. I know that there are a lot of lens attachments you can buy for your iPhone. Can you please do a video one the best phone camera attachments and in different price ranges?

  3. Hi there, I would like to ask for some help here…
    I am trying to buy a relatively good camera on a budget…one that has an acceptable zoom, creates high quality videos and specially makes nice photos and videos under poor illumination/night…
    I cannot spend more than 280 eur/300 USD..
    whch one of these would be enough for an amateur like me…

    Olympus PEN E-PL6
    Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ70
    A bit cheaper ones
    Nikon Coolpix S7000
    Canon PowerShot SX710 HS
    Canon PowerShot SX610 HS

    thanks a lot

  4. It's not a straight choice between a DSLR and a point-and-shoot: there are many choices in between, such as CSCs, rangefinders or high-end travel cameras, that are usually smaller and lighter. This might better suit some folks who want good photos, but are not necessarily after the very best image quality. Possibly the best solution is a DSLR for days dedicated to picture taking, and a travel compact when one doesn't feel like lugging a DSLR about. Or, one could use a micro four-thirds system for all one's travel needs. They are capable of producing great shots, but I find that the dynamic range is a little restricted on them because of the small sensor size. Everybody's mileage may vary, of course: take what suits your needs best.

  5. I don't think the advise in this video is sensible. If someone is looking for tips on their new camera, we can assume they are not expert photographers. If they are not expert, suggesting a DSLR that costs several hundreds of dollars and for which you have to buy one or two lenses that cost hundred of dollars each does not make much sense. On top of that, using a DSLR has a relatively steep learning curve. It would be an enormous waste of money.

    Compact cameras nowadays are actually good. Look for one that has a lens that goes from around 20 mm to 100 mm or so, this way you can frame easily most of your scenes. You will spend very little compared to the camera suggested in the video and you will take better pictures.

  6. Why would you want a DSLR over a point and shoot?! You're travelling, not trying to get published in a magazine. What you want in a travel camera is a small, simple camera with lots of zoom that you can bring out at a moments notice and wont bog you down. I suggest the Canon SX700 HS

  7. You can rely on your smartphone for great photos IF you don't use an iPhone. If you do and you think you will get decent non-Instagram-aimed pictures out of it…you need to see an optometrist.

    That said, here are my recommendations when it comes to smartphones with great cameras:

    – Nokia 808 and Nokia 1020. Both of these phones aren't being produced any more but you can still buy them on-line. Both sport 41mp sensors with Carl Zeiss lenses and Nokia imaging tech inside them which will give you great photos with tons of detail. In addition to that, you get a full suite of manual controls that allow you to adjust shutter speeds, ISO, white balance, manual focus etc. The only problems these phones have is their age, of course. And the OSs they run. But as cameras, they're great.

    – LG G4. The G4 is currently the best smartphone camera on sale, period. You get a 16mp Sony shooter with LG's custom software. Much like those old Nokias, the G4 offers you also a full featured manual mode to allow you to control everything about your image. It also shows you the effects of those changes in real time on the viewfinder so you'll only mess up if you really aren't paying attention.

    – Microsoft Lumia 950. The upcoming Microsoft Lumias may run a flopped OS – Windows Phone – and may be ugly as sin. However, the imaging technology in them is still licensed from Nokia and the team behind the implementation of that technology on smartphones came from Nokia. So you'll get the same amount of quality that you had in old Nokia phones when it comes to imaging (not on the rest though).

    – Samsung Galaxy S6/S6E/Note5. These Samsung phones sport the same optics as the LG G4. However, the manual mode isn't so comprehensive as that on the G4. On the other hand, Samsung does a better job on auto mode, focusing on point-and-shoot scenarios. You'll get more vivid images out of them (although, sometimes, less accurate in relation to reality).

    If you want a WATERPROOF SMARTPHONE, then you only have one option: the Sony Xperia Z5. Xperia cameras, even though they are Sony's and use Sony tech, aren't as good as you might expect them to be. In fact, you might actually be VERY disappointed. In terms of quality, the Xperia cameras are on the level of the iPhone when not below. If you stick with Auto-mode and keep the resolution on 8mp though, they will produce some great pictures (the 8mp photos are oversampled from the 23mp sensor). The Xperia Z5 has the advantage of being waterproof (although Sony will warn you against using it in salt water, pools etc you know. The normal stuff) and having a dedicated shutter button.

  8. Can someone just tell about one camera thats clear and waterproof, and is durable. Also for traveling. .duh lol.And for first timers cause lol this might be sad to hear but I don't know how to use a camera. .hehe.

  9. U usually go with an 7D also, but the G7X seems really nice. But my next trip is do damn expensive so if I wasn't broke I probably would get one as a complement. The 7D is super nice and all, but it is big. Tabling about big gear, a tripod can also be something worth considering.

    BTW the level of selfie sticks in tourist spots are insane these days.

  10. Time and Place as far as the selfie sticks go. There are some museums that have banned them and that makes sense to me.If you are a person that has respect for your fellow travelers (and locals ,of course)then use a stick, always making sure you are not endangering yourself or anyone near by. Getting clunked in the head with someone's selfie stick is not a pleasant experience….ever.

  11. I've never done the selfie Stick. I want better camera's than I have now. The best one I have is a JVC camcorder but it needs a computer that has the firewall Plug-inn. I changed Computers and the computer I'm using now doesn't have the Firewall Plug inn. I'm using the Fuji Camera now and it was only $89 and shoots under water. The JVC though has 800 zoom so I can be way far out in the valley and zoom in on the East side Mountains really well.

  12. I don't know anyone who owns a selfie stick. I tend to think they're ridiculous. I have a nice "point and shoot" with a glass lens which takes pretty dog gone good pics. I'm not so much into video, except maybe at concerts–where it is allowed, of course.

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