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AUTHENTIC Alien Photograph Uncovered? – Viral Trends

AUTHENTIC Alien Photograph Uncovered?

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Comments 44

  1. the thing that get me is there is NEVER any real pics of a e.t. as easy as it is to take a clear pic. If the guy took a camera with him on occasion, why so few pictures? and why so many not so clear pictures from all over?

  2. He had a camera on him, but unfortunately we don't have these pictures. He brought back souvenirs from his planetary trips, but we don't know where they are. He was told stories about Earth's future, but didn't get permission to tell us. The usual, basically.

  3. I was reading were a 5 ⭐️ general was stating with other bras in USA military. They said the Vietnam war was started because of an invasion of a species that enter there a wormhole or a gate they called them spiders. Some et were the size of cars 🚗 and would eat people other et would not. Some are Half human half something else and some are like us.. these bras and high up military leaders that lead are country stat it as facts…. one of reasons JFK died, he was going to disclose it all when he found out what was out there. Space race 🏁.

  4. I just can't get behind these faded/blurry/crappy pictures of supposed aliens. Millions upon millions of cameras throughout the world and every picture of supposed aliens is completely useless. I understand this specific case was pre-digital camera age.

  5. I'm not too sure about these pictures, I kept going between the two, and I see the 'figure' in the same position in both. It makes me think this was all a set up with a cheap toy. Sorry Tyler, this one's not doing it for me. I do love your work though. Keep it up.

  6. A few more obvious bs videos like this and im done watching your videos. I,ve been a fan since the start, partialy because you used to not inmediatly assume something is of alien origins. Now it seems to me, like many other ufo.channels u.dont just look at it from a neutral point of view.but inmediatly assume.the.most unlikely explanation. Your.video about.neil.was bs too, dissapointed to.see.that.u are one of those.douchebags who.doesnt understand what.neil tried to.explain.too, ufo just means unidentified flying object, it doesnt.fucking mean.its aliens, are.ufos real? Yes they are, if I.throw smt infront of ur point of view and u.dont know I.did.that nor.what.I.threw, then.its a ufo. That.doesnt mean its alien! Is.there life.on.other planets? Yes, Im sure of that, but are they. Flying around earth covered.in strange lights and.shit trying to be mysterious..uh no,. If they are.so.advnced they can.reach us.they sure as.hell.be advanced enough to be.able.to.fly.around without us being.able.to.spot their craft.onN.blurry videos.n.pictures. if they.would.even.have reason.to.conceal.themselves from us, if they.are.so.advanced.they can reach us.and took the.effort for it, they.obviously wouldnt have.any reason to.fear us or conceal themselves from us. So please tyler filter the bs out and try to stay neutral n not inmediatly put ur tinfoil hat on. Sorry for the typos folksmy, my screen is fucked up. Must have been dem aliens trying to prevent me from typing a decent comment..right? Think I made my point now.

  7. This youtube community is interesting. Its full of people who believe in ET – human interraction, but unlike most ET groups the people here seem to think fairly critically and are completely willing to critisize supposed spottings unless they see some meritable content. So I'm intrigued, because I do think alien interaction is very possible. Can anyone send me what you believe to be credible critical evidence of ET interactions? Because as most have pointed out this video in particular doesnt seem very compelling.

  8. These are some pretty shitty photos. Why is the alien craft propped up on a rock? Why does the alien look like a plastic soldier motioning "follow me men"? Why did the alien with massively advanced technology stack a big rock on top of another big rock?  Did the alien not have a level?

  9. Another interesting video, despite the protestations of the naysayers before. The photographic depictions of these supposed beings are highly circumstantial and don't really prove much. However, the case itself is very interesting. Good work, Tyler, on airing this matter. You are a very courageous UFO researcher, Tyler, to broach matters that other people would sideline and cast to oblivion. That is one of the reasons why I keep watching this channel. A worthwhile blend of content: on what is known and generally accepted about UFOs, etc and other areas on the periphery of the subject that no one dares discuss.

  10. I'm sorry .
    This looks like insanity.
    It just does.
    I wish it was a pic of an alien, but C'mon man…. That's a pic of a person, or a toy, or something.
    Now , if these people are saying aliens invade Human bodies, like a host, then fuck it. Reality is all out of whack

  11. I got so drunk my plastic figures came alive. Then I burnt my plastic miniature space ship and brought it to scientists. They couldn't identify the burnt remains so they called it "alien". Then I sobered up and couldn't remember anything. My recollections were 4:27 "hazy". But then I would get drunk again and see flying disks in the air. I took pictures of it really close and everything came out blurred.

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