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200,000 Year Old Ancient Levitation Technology That Defies the Laws of Physics – Viral Trends

200,000 Year Old Ancient Levitation Technology That Defies the Laws of Physics

Unfortunately, science has still not been able to figure out how to levitate larger heavier objects. Yet, history suggests the Ancient Civilizations might have already cracked this secret in…


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Comments 34

  1. Where in this video does he tell you where to find proof of any of this crap?
    100 years ago very smart Conway scientists admitted couldn't explain exactly how a bubble be could fly. Dishonest people turned it into "scientists say a be can't fly"
    We've known how they fly fora very long time. This is a 5 th graders ideas.

  2. A crane can lift 22,000 pounds. We could easily build any ancient structure! Don't believe this guys crap!
    Giant stone machines? Really? Where?
    This guy is just making up shit!

  3. Maybe that grid you mentioned has been here longer than we can imagine and all those points of power were keeping it open until they got caught by whoever created the grid and their sources of freedom from the confines of this planet and the reincarnation trap were destroyed… just a thought.

  4. Has anyone seen Indiana Jones with the aliens and the eyes…great point if you haven't you should watch the movie first then you may have a little different eye (pardon the pun) on what he is saying at the point he is speaking about the eyes

  5. I have always known inside everything is connected. The Ballance must be level on all means. The monetary system that was created is the chains and bars on our conscience. It's what drives our thoughts , moods , motives and lives. To separate from this black void we certainly must become truly sentient and not the cheap false lie we have all been force feed since the tit. Good news is things are changing and the focus is where it should be. Giving the red pill is now a extra sensory perception some of us do possess. God blesses us with understand in the fire of enslavement that will be eradicated. Love your presentation and feel I have done some of this research you are now in route toward. Thank you so much and think happy thoughts my friends and stay thirsty for TRUTH.

  6. Honestly, a lot of theories, a lot of suppositions, beliefs, toroids and no proof at all. If the focus was on beliefs, ok, pay to hear whatever you believe, but if this ought proof magnetic letivation, was a very poor presentation,

  7. I feel that the theories he speaks about have a LOT of merit. He explains too many things to not make sense when you look at the past/ancient technologies and insects flight. I agree that our history as the human race is hundreds of thousands of years and possibly millions of years older then we have be taught. Mankind has annihilated its self with the POWER of power, then we all start over again and again.

  8. Tellinger is taking advantage of simple people who want to believe his ideas. Some of his ideas are interesting but he has absolutely no evidence for anything he says. He is regurgitating other people's ideas but, just like the rest of them, has no evidence. Why didn't the guy who apparently built a levitation vehicle out of bugs wings not have his device examined by scientists? Why didn't the guy who apparently built a construction out of 30 ton stones using cones not have his achievement filmed and verified?

  9. I will give two links that will take you deeper into the rabbit hole of real history, science, the make-up of reality and the Elite's hidden agendas, than any other online source. Here the first link: https://www.amazon.com/Matrix-Code-Alien-Agenda-ebook/dp/B0734J7YZ1/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1514845742&sr=1-1 Here's the second link: https://www.amazon.com/Bible-Code-Solved-Tracy-Yates-ebook/dp/B077XMFP6V/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1514696855&sr=1-1&keywords=the+bible+code+solved

  10. I think it is easy for the rationalists to mock and laugh-seeing that frozen oxygen levitating(for want of a better word)is freaky.
    the rationalists will say ''no it is magnetism'' same thing.
    The skeptics are always proved wrong-eventually.
    If you said you could create images out of electrical energy the rationalists would mock-yet we have tv.The rationalists are always first to aclaim new tech once it is proved beyond doubt-like they would have mocked einstein.Fuck them doubters.

  11. An electron is a "resonance toroidal field" whatever that is. Why? Well, because this guy says so. Ah, fine, so lets toss out the physics that science has painstakingly aquired over the last 400 years or so and take up "beliefs". I don't think so.

  12. 1. The video at 17:32 is just a fake done with an invisible thread: https://youtu.be/HW6uOW4aoJQ

    2. We don't know how far the universe is and from our perspective it maybe looks like we are the center but this is really simple becaue we observing from the earth. You have do do the same thing from multiple solar systems or even galaxys to tell that the earth is the center otherwise the point from were you observe is ALWAYS the center of your observation…

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