‘Terrible Numbers’ For Donald Trump In New Poll | Morning Joe | MSNBC

A majority of the country thinks the country is worse off since Donald Trump became president, according to new numbers by the AP and NORC. The Morning Joe panel discusses. » Subscribe to…


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  1. After Trump won, we all asked how the polls could have been so wrong. It now occurs to me that the polls weren't wrong. Could Russia have interfered much more successfully than we're being told? Another puzzle: Why are Republican legislators going to such extreme lengths (basically risking accusations of obstruction of justice themselves) to bring down Mueller's investigation? Are they in Putin's pocket too? Nothing would surprise me at this point. Nothing.

  2. We need to get rid of the GOP Congress and every one who failed to do their Constitutional duty to check and balance the Executive Branch.

    Trump should be kicked out of office AND all Republicans who defended him and failed to do their jobs should lose all benefits and their pensions.

  3. Well I do know about one poll … the 401k poll. Virtually every 401k and union pension plan in America just got 25-33% richer. Just in case you were wondering, that translates into about 5 TRILLION dollar more for the average Joe. 5 trillion dollars … in one year … just for showing up. A big win for the little guy. A big one. This will compound in the coming years. Bury you agenda … and think people. For most Americans, this is a massive plus.

  4. man united states the land of imagration because the american people are to stupid and homeless while immagrents take a large portion of the good jobs and best educations
    but yet this is on the bottom of our list because trump is trying to make more homeless but these homeless are sick and dying and cant afford this so will most certantly die if they dont get some help soon o o o and marry christmas what a present trump more division

  5. The GOP is going to get murdered in 2018. The Military/retirees are outraged that NATO hangs by a thread, our OLDEST allies are either 1. furious at us 2. laughing at us of WORSE 3. Seriously reconsidering their relationship with us. And it's all Donald's doing.

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