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Learn Funny Lebanese Sayings | تعلم تعابير لبنانية مضحكة – Viral Trends

Learn Funny Lebanese Sayings | تعلم تعابير لبنانية مضحكة

Learn Funny Lebanese Sayings | تعلم تعابير لبنانية مضحكة *My Patreon Page: https://www.patreon.com/MatarTV *Online Lebanese Courses/coaching: Email me at matartuber@gmail.co…


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Comments 37

  1. No.5 – We have words in Thai language to describe when someone were cheating on, "สวมเขา".

    – A สวมเขา B : A is cheating on B.
    – A ถูก B สวมเขา (passive voice) : A were cheating on by B.

    "สวมเขา" literally :
    – สวม(v.) – put it on to someone or something.
    – เขา(n.) – horns.

    The reason we use horns to express above situation is to indicate that they are stupid like those animals which have horns and realize nothing. Randomly walk and don't know what's happening.

    However I'm not sure you use it in the same sense or not. XD

    Peace and Subbed.

  2. Also, could you please translate this to Lebanese dialect please???! Its for a caption for a picture at school for a dear friend!!

    “Im so happy I’m finally eating manaeesh in Lebanon! So Im officially moving here and never coming back. You can send my things!”

    If you do this ill be forever grateful lol

  3. My mum when I arrive home :
    Mum: Yorgo , Yorgo, Yorgooo ' from the other room, as if we are in a castle and she just can't walk till the door cause it's far'
    Me : Yeah, shoufi?
    Mum: t'es arrivé à la maison ? " Are you home "
    Me just to tease her: Shou??? " What? "
    Mum again: hayda enta at home ? " Is that you at home "
    Me : Noooo I not home yet, I will be home in 2 sec.
    Than I go to her room and say I just arrived 😂.
    Mum: t'es con (you are stupid)"with a smile"

  4. Hi Matar ! i have the answer : it's connected to a Greek Myth about queen Pasifae (wife of king Minosse) which didn't liked to have sex. Then she was punished by aphrodite that transformed Pasifae into a nynphomaniac. Then queen Pasifae was moved away from the island and she… aehmmm.. falled in love with a…aehmm.. bull. So she asked Dedalus to built a statue of a bull appearence to satisfy his sexual needs. So… in the end : making the horns is used to remember king Minosse that his wife betray him with a bull.

  5. eza eja sa7bak 2allak sa7ebtak rakabetlak 2roun ya3n (hay ll benet 5enetak w ra7it alit lal chab enno enta 3azzabta ktir w hall 5aranda3iet kelloun) ka2annak chitan enno 3andak 2roun you don't seem like the nice guy you are basically that's what it means TEKRAM

  6. it's not "fle'ne b'riha taybe" it's fre'ne b'riha taybe" as in "go away leaving a good smell behind you" 😛 coz it smells so bad when you're here lol but yeah you are funny 😀

  7. Pretty simple tho, having horn mean you're like a cow, typically a cow get dragged by it horns in lebnen. In other terms you're being foolish and can't make a statement nor your voice is heard anymore and you get convinced easily and don't know what the fuck is going around you anymore. lol that's crazy man I'm laugh while writing this down 😂. Nice Chanel you've got here dude keep the good stuff rolling

  8. I'm a new subbi.
    The reason why i subscribe this channel it's because my boyfie is Lebanese. My point is can u atleast put the word on screen like subtitle so we can read it and practice it and easy for us to learn as well.. Thanks

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