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Hiking and Landscape Photography at Havasu Falls – Viral Trends

Hiking and Landscape Photography at Havasu Falls

I’ve been dying to get back to Havasu Falls for some landscape photography, and today we’re hiking in!
Check out my landscape photography on IG at @brendanvanson.
Havasu Falls is one of my favourite places for landscape photography in the US. And, it’s totally worth the long hike in. The waterfalls are beautiful, but the whole experience is just awesome. It’s like travelling back in time to the wild west.
And, landscape photography just comes easy at Havasu Falls. But, of course, you have to do some hiking to get there. There hike to Havasu Falls is over 9 miles, and though it’s basically all downhill, it is a long slog especially with all the photography gear. But, we survived and made it to the campground.
I did some landscape photography and scouting to end the video. But, mostly I spent the time doing some location scouting and composition searching as the light was really bad for the type of photography I was trying to shoot.
There will be more on the photography channel from Havasu Falls tomorrow as I have 2 more vlogs from here. So stay tuned.


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Comments 37

  1. Brendan, I had my first visit to Havasu Falls a few years ago in part due to your video a few years back. Since then though I've learned a lot about the abuse horses and donkeys endure…. I wouldn't recommend people use horses to carry their stuff or themselves the 10 miles to the falls. Just bring your own stuff in and out. I caught a chopper on the way out and it was only $85.

    Here's a website about the abuse horses in Havasupai endure:

    And a local TV news story on the abuse:

    So please urge your readers/viewers not to use the mules/horses as they are contributing to the cruelty to these animals. It's very sad.

  2. First, you should know that I think your videos are very cool and look at. Inspiration and desire to challenge the world is that's what I'm sitting and thinking when I follow you.
    There are few things I'm thinking at when I see your videos.
    1. How much time do you spent to film to make 10 to 12 minutes of video.
    2. There must be incredibly much planning in your travels and tasks. There are many things to keep track of for your next destination.

  3. Dude, you have to lower your caffeine consumption :D. Every time I see you, I have the feeling that you get an heart attack in front of the camera. Just calm down! Please don't get me wrong, but it would really help to enjoy your videos more if they would be more relaxed.

  4. Who needs all of that sun and warmth?  Come to Alaska … there is everything to photograph and epic adventures just waiting for you.  Great stuff … fond memories on wandering around Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico from our many "vacations" to escape the winter snows and cold in Alaska.  Having watched your channel for the last year, I decided why not and posted my first video chasing ice crystals on a frozen river this evening.  PedalPushin AK

  5. I think a Donkey would be way more sure footed than me, but the only thing I can think of is saddle sore ouch! I think I would rather walk! sorry about the blister. Nice shots of the falls!

  6. Really took me back, wow… Wish I could be there right now! I hope the hike out goes well. I always bring medical tape, and duct tape too LOL. On hikes up, I pre-emptively put it on my heels and wherever else seems to be "warm"…

    Looking forward to seeing the nightscapes and stuff!

  7. Awesome place and great work getting across the river (there was one point I thought you were going in). You may not have had great light at the falls but the images still look nice. Also, what about that sky in the first part of your drive, that looked awesome. I would have been desperately searching for somewhere to get a shot 🙂

  8. This is my dream destination. We can't wait to get there. I'd have to do it twice though. During the winter for the solitude, but also during the summer to actually enjoy swimming in those gorgeous waters.

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