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2012 Mercedes-Benz C250 Test Drive & Luxury Car Review – Viral Trends

2012 Mercedes-Benz C250 Test Drive & Luxury Car Review

http://www.autobytel.com/mercedes-benz/c-class/2012/ The 2012 Mercedes-Benz C250 is the first 4-cylinder engine on a U.S. spec Mercedes in a long time. With the rise in fuel economy awareness…


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Comments 25

  1. I had Audi, BMW 3-series, but my new C-Class Coupe has something the others don't have, the best or nothing star! It is amazing how nice is the feeling to have a MB! Had 2 A3s and I knew I was driving a great car, #1 on curves, my BMW 3 series was solid, wide, heavy, but  the  MB is light, nimble and at the same time feels solid the suspension, the harman sound, sunroof and command center are awesome and I am getting 23 mpg on my commute!

  2. I love all the comments but the end results there are a lot of folks out there driving piece of shit cars because they cannot afford either so be thankful you can and that is what matters

  3. Please explain why the 328i is more compatible to the c250 than the 320i? I respect your reviews, but I am a little perturbed that the c300 is never put head to head with the 328i, why is this????

  4. Khu vực Miền Trung & Tây Nguyên xin liên hệ :
    Autohaus An Du Đà Nẵng – Đại lý ủy quyền Mercedes-Benz Việt Nam
    113 Nguyễn Hữu Thọ – Hải Châu – Đà Nẵng
    Hotline : 0905 89 33 45

  5. Congratulations, that´s the equivalent from going to a crappy pair of shoes to a well designed and manufactured pair of walking shoes…thinking about it, one can make that comparison when switching from any POS U.S. car to a german one…congratulations and hope you enjoy it really!

  6. Says the BMW 3-series is the leader, but as of 2012, the C-Class claimed the title of the most popular car to be sold in the financial year in Australia. But, then again, that goes without saying – the C-Class has really picked up since the W203 days and definitely deserves its title

  7. Actually I feel the quality is finally going up once again. The W203 was far worse in overall quality and reliability but the W204 is void of all the nonsense experienced in the past decade or so. Lol @ the rapist bit.

  8. I didn't dodge anything idiot I number my posts. I answered each and every sentence of yours. Scroll down and read them. Of course, given that U really understand what U read. So far you lcaimed things I didn't say. So, I Wonder, If u can read and understand at all.

    Dodging a statment?

    More English lesson for you:

    U can't dodge a statement, U dodge a Question by a statement. You know the more you speak the more jewels r coming out of you. U R one messed up kid.

  9. ""legitmize" isn't a word you naive asshole"

    As I said, idiots pick on typos. "Legitimize" is the word. Here is a suggestion take obe of "I's" from the word IDIOT and put where it is missing. You can do that right. Also you focus on the usage of the English instead of typos like the usage of the word "WORTHY.".IDIOT >>5

  10. "Additionally, you then insult everyone here because you believe this wonderful automobile is not worthy"

    Worthy of what? This car is worthy of something, but it does not worth the money what it is sold for. If U R going to pick on someone's English, you better use the language correctly, otherwise U will make an as out of yourself like this. This is wrong No:2 for you. >>4

  11. "Here's what I see wrong here. You think the entire class of vehicles as being overpriced and ridiculous, yet you explicitly search and/or click on this video"

    OK! I will tell you about the wrongs, on your post. This car is overpriced because, what it offers can't be substantiated with its price, and the most significant item is the engine. So it wrong for you to miss this point even after 3 times I spelled it out for you. So, entire vehicle class is fine but this car is overpriced. >>2

  12. "This video is targeted for people interested in the said segment of car and therefore they are giving one of the most affordable options"

    I think you are mesmerized with this word "segment." Guess what? Just because there is a segment in which people over pay for over priced cars, does not legitmize a 1.8 L overpriced car as affordable or reasonably priced for that matter.

    "You're not very smart are you"

    I'm smart enough to know that U R an idiot.

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