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The Best Day of Photography, Ever | Photography Tips from the Field – Viral Trends

The Best Day of Photography, Ever | Photography Tips from the Field

Photography 101 is: go to amazing places. And today, that’s exactly where we were.
For my travel photography check out my IG at @brendanvanson.
What an amazing day of photography at Havasu and Mooney Falls. When I say that this was the best day of photography ever, I’m not exaggerating. It was legit the best day. And, I just felt so in my element with the landscape photography here.
Havasu Falls is such an incredible place, and even though I’ve shot it 3 or 4 times, I love how I can still come and get different pictures and shoot different styles of photography each time.
This place is a landscape photography dream location, and there are just countless angles and compositions to be had here. And, today’s episode was basically a photography class. It was full of lessons, tips, and tutorials. In so many ways, this was photography 101, and also a bit of a master class.
So, I shot photography from dawn all the way into the night. I took pictures at dawn, sunrise, midday, sunset, and of the stars. It was the kind of day that will go down in history as the best day of photography. And, from a business standpoint, I also think it might have been the most productive day I’ve had in ages. I mean, if this photography doesn’t sell, nothing will.
Aside from Havasu Falls, we also went and did some photography at Mooney Falls which is just down the way. The light wasn’t great all day, but it still just really worked. And, I’m very, very happy with the way things went down today.


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Comments 37

  1. Brendan in your astro shots of the falls did you use a torch to illuminate the falls if so how long did you illuminate them in the long exposure or was it just the long exposure that lit up the falls?

  2. Hi Brendan, great episode, as always !

    As for the sunstars, it is related to diffraction and basically, diffraction creates 2 rays perpendicular to each blade. When you have an even number of blades, 2 opposite blades are parallel so you'll have 4 rays but you will only see 2 because they are perfectly aligned. With an odd number of blades, you won't have 2 parallel blades, therefore an odd number of blades creates sunstars with twice the number of points.

    The star is also affected by the shape of the blades. Straight blades will create nicer stars than curved blades but the bokeh won't be as nice. Some lenses have curved aperture blades (for bokeh when wide open) and "staighter" blades when stopped down (for sunstars) to benefit from the best of both worlds.

    Bonne journée,

  3. What L-bracket are you using? Also – would love to see some of these pics at full-resolution – do you post them somewhere? Really enjoy your seemingly endless positivity and excitement in the vids.

  4. Brendan, you went to Havasu Falls in January but i looked on their web sight and it states that they open in February. Did you manage to get some kind of permission? Thanks in advance…. Enjoy your videos, keep shooting…

  5. Love watching these! I spent my time there last week booking it to Beaver falls, so I didn't get a chance to photograph Havasu or Mooney falls as much as I would have liked! Love what you did with the star photography. Some of my photos of Havasu falls have starbursts too but mine were unintentional hahah -_- Next time you should go down Mooney, it gets the adrenaline going!

  6. Loving the long vlog Brendan 🙂 The more the merrier! Lol Wow, Havasu & Mooney falls are just breathtaking! Absolutely love the images 🙂 That icy blue water of the falls against the colour of rock looks stunning.
    Those sun starburst shots are really cool & so interesting hearing al the info behind creating them. And that cave shot was awesome! Fab vlog!

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