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Why Google Plus Failed – Viral Trends

Why Google Plus Failed

This ended up being a little bit of a rant. Sorry if it sounds kind of whiny. WHATEVER!!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ♥ Follow me on Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/114559808602048970628/posts…


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Comments 34

  1. Honestly Idk how dumb the people that made google+ are.Like legit just add a message option when you click on someones channel,let people post stuff like fb filter to all video only or posts.BOOM fucking magic copy each other like all other social medias if you want to be a social media that bad smh

  2. "YouTube, you cant hang out with us. You aren't paid subscription." YouTube storms off ha! I'll show them! I can be paid subscription too, and then absolutely nobody will hate me and think I'm selling out!

  3. Google plus and YouTube are better as there own apps the merge made me leave Google plus but im giving it another try I left for for 3 years the thing I don't like is using the same profile both and changing user name both ways and having to set up Google plus to change your own user name it's a little confusing

  4. I was on Google plus, and the first couple months were good, until I started meeting toxic people, and these really poor suicidal people, being depressed myself I always had to juggle myself and them, idk, I had to get off after awhile

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  6. Google+ on mobile is even worse, they choose the stupid tile format for their app which extremely limits the amount of information the user is getting at once and adds to the frustration of using the app. The settings of the app are also a pain.

  7. As a pragmatic businessman, I would never think of quitting a marketing tool just because of a menu bar! Google+ makes users feel "visually claustrophobic"? WTF? Most of us would never have noticed!
    I have never bothered to distinguish between one damn logo and the next: FB, G+, YT, TW, IN, PI, Hulu, Shmulu they are all the same to me, just another marketing tool.

  8. My Google plus finally stopped working. Doesn't even show old stuff. No notifications about anything for months and it was months before that too. They tried to start it up again and quit, I guess.

    It sucks not getting notified through Google plus. I liked it. Some racist troll won't quit? Thanks for the heads up, Google plus. Somebody responded to someone else and I'm just in the thread? I'll read that. Someone +1ed my comment about carrots being people? Alright!

    Now I'm sad.

  9. I'm sick of the sexism on Google plus. I look through nature threads and often there is a sexualised image of a woman interspersed between the other photos of lakes and trees. It drives me crazy. I complain to Google… They don't care.

  10. G+ users are basically Tumblr but less SJW and more retarded. As someone who loves cringe i love it. The inexplicably existing FNAF sexy role play threads. The horribly misspelled Steven Universe crap. It's all so beautifully and unironically cringe. This website gave me chronic back pain from cringe. But i just can't quit.

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