Finally, we can party: Australia's first same-sex marriages just happened

Amy Laker and Lauren Price are one of the first LGBTQ couples to be married in Australia.

Image: Caroline McCredie/Getty Images

Although marriage equality is now legal in Australia, most LGBTQ couples need to wait until Jan. 9 before they can do so.

Amy Laker and Lauren Price jumped the gun by being one of the first same sex couples to be married in the country, with the pair getting hitched in Sydney on Saturday.

Price and Laker received an exemption as their families had travelled from Wales to be there for the ceremony, according to SBS News.

The couple planned to marry at the British consulate, which used to be one of the only legal options for LGBTQ couples if they wanted to marry in Australia. 

As Australia has changed its laws, the couple went to the Births, Deaths and Marriages office to state their case for an exemption, which was granted on financial grounds.

“It was the longest ten minutes of our lives and Amy cried when they said yes. It was so wonderful,” Price told the news outlet. 

Newlyweds Amy Laker and Lauren Price tie the knot.

Newlyweds Amy Laker and Lauren Price tie the knot.

Image: Caroline McCredie/Getty Images

The couple married in front of more than 60 people, after being engaged to each other for two years.

Over in Melbourne, Amy and Elise McDonald also tied the knot in a surprise wedding. They had also received an exemption due to their families travelling over for what was initially a commitment ceremony.

“You don’t choose who you fall in love with, at the end of the day, Elise was the perfect person for me,” Amy told 7 News

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