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Most AMAZING Recent Technology! – Viral Trends

Most AMAZING Recent Technology!

Check out the most amazing recent technology! This top 10 list of recent futuristic inventions and cool gadgets from the future is absolutely amazing! Subscribe For New Videos! http://goo.gl/UIz…


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  1. When I was in basic training, we had to get shots in the arm, we all lined up in single file, had gotten at least 12 shots,..
    It was painless,
    They had a vile of a vaccine attatched to a hand held air pressure device, and it would be pressed to ur skin and give u a direct shot into ur arm via air pressure .why don't they use it in places where they need to give shots

  2. Some Facts Authenticating 'Adhikr is from the Lord

    The Book We have sent down unto you full of Blessings so that they may proud (ponder) about Its verses, and in order to remind those who utilize their intelligence (38: 29).

    The verse reminds the believers to be proud and self-sufficient with the blessed Book Adhikr. It is understood from the verse 25: 18 the Muslims who became the bore and boar people by forgetting Adhikr – Wise Reminder – will not utilize It. Therefore it is the inevitable duty of the believers to motivate the intelligent people belonging to the Messenger Muhammad's community (people other than Muslims) to utilize Adhikr by pointing out the predictions and prophecies of the Splendid Book Adhikr. The verse 41: 53 says: "We will show them Our verses on the horizons as well as in themselves until It becomes clear to them that indeed It is the Truth; doesn't your Lord sufficient for you as a witness upon everything? ".

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    – The fact that man is created in the belly of mother in three veils of darkness mentioned in the verses 39: 6 is recognised and approved by the medical science.

    – The palatable clear water and salted bitter water existing in the sea without mingling each other mentioned in the verse 25: 53 is discovered recently.

    – The fact that universe is formed through big bang explosions and water is made essential for existence of life mentioned in the verse 21: 30.

    – The fact that heart is participating for the sight mentioned in the verse 22: 46.

    – The dead body of Pharaoh present in Egyptian museum today having 3000 years old is kept by Lord Allah as a sign for mankind mentioned in the verse 10: 92

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    – Lord Allah who created man with unique fingerprints is capable to resurrect him by assembling his bones mentioned in the verses 75: 3-4 is more remarkable today when fingerprints are used as a criterion for identity.

    – Everything is created in pairs; from the earth produces, from their own and the things they have no knowledge mentioned in the verse 36: 36 is more understandable today when an atom can also be divided.

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  3. #11. Also useful for people terrified of needles.
    #10. Oh, only 300+ terrabytes.
    #8. Mispronounced "telekinesis" and misused as well. It would equate to telepathy, not telekinesis.
    #6. Or we could stop cutting down plants, which absorb CO2 and pump out oxygen.
    #5. Tesla came out with that long ago…
    #3. So the overlords can track us?
    #1. How does a floating city cure disease?

  4. What about the people that want no markings on their skin? Will this technological tattoo be forced on them? I wanted to be someone that stood out in a crowd and decided never to have a tattoo so I will not be so status quo.

  5. How stupid is the one who wrote the script tho… first it's telepathy not telekinesis… and the wireless hairdryer magically uses no more electricity cause it's wireless… "solar power is pretty anchient"… Floating cityes will cure diseases…

  6. We would have already had wireless electricity many, many years ago. But by using wireless electricity there was not way to accurately charge people for it. The man who proved that wireless electricity was possible and promoted it as the main source for all Americans to use free of charge was a Russian genius named Nikola Tesla. The greedy man that stopped the wireless technology of Tesla from advancing and becoming the dominant free electricity source in America was in fact a greedy American named Thomas Edison. One battle that Nikola did win with Thomas Edison was the adaptation and nationwide use of alternating current, or AC. AC allowed electricity to be sent by wires over a far greater distance without a huge loss of power unlike the extremely expensive DC system that Edison devised that required huge transformers to keep stepping up the DC power voltage due to its rapid decrease when transported through wires. Tesla believed that the USA would be much more productive and advanced if its citizens and businesses had access to unlimited readily available electricity that was free to everyone to use. Thomas Edison did not see it that way.

  7. Hi, Katrina. I found out that chewable pills with nutritional groundup meals will replace quantified agriculture as advanced greenhouses become more suitable for producing crops in less than favorable conditions. Lab grown meat will replace meat farms as well.

  8. Vertical forests on super sized bonzaies (may they live). These living bowls are great for giant balconies, living parapets, and exit slides. Just put parapets on the trimming bridges so that people working there can focus on the job effectively.

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