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Take The Confidence Quiz | How Confident Are You? – Viral Trends

Take The Confidence Quiz | How Confident Are You?

Pivot TV Vignette: http://bit.ly/1IfLHAi Confidence VS Arrogance Video: http://www.iamalpham.com/index.php/topics/confident-or-arrogant-which-one-are-you/ …


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  1. I'm introverted and confident even though most mistake my personality with low confidence. I might not be the most social guy but I don't care and will live my life how I want. When you contemplate the value of life and how short it is, the grand scheme of things, people subjective thoughts are meaningless. I know so many people who'll never achieve their dreams because they worry what others might think and it's a shame.

  2. I don't need this. I am attractiveishnotatall, and needy. I am pretteh confident around others, but.. sometimes people say I am disgusting (dorky girls that I can tel are attracted to me). I mean, they can't give me a reason. They say, 'because.' And don't get me started about how much of a loser I have been in the past, coming back to me today. I am not popular or cool. I am the guy who chats to whoever is lonely by asking whatever while we wait to go out of the gym for ten minutes.

  3. I'm confident but I always fail when I try talking to a girl because I don't know what to say and I don't want rejection from the girl that I think i like. I mean finding a girl that isn't looking for a fuckboi is hard at school. But seriously I like girls who aren't looking for fuckboys. Some girls think these fuckboys are the best while they're completely wrong. We all know what a fuckboy is.

  4. Hey alphaM can u do a video on how to ask a girl to be my gf, n the process frm friend to lover n when to ask her to be my gf…. if kind of easy n tough,bla bla bla… i dnbt kw to put it…. jst how to ask her to be my gf….

  5. alpha last year when i started watching i got only 2 or 3 points now i got all of them and i know the main reason for this happening right know is you youre the king of awesemnos keep being so aweseme and helping people u are one of the greatest thing that happend to me even tho i dont whatch ur videos so much anymore its only cus i dont have so much time any more and u allready thought me so much i hope u keep helping other people like u did help me i just cant put it into words how much i love u dude for what u are and what u do may peace and love shine through you forever

  6. I'm not sure if all of these fall under confidence. There's a line between arrogance and being humble. You can be humbly confident or arrogantly confident. There's a middle ground to handling these things that simply wasn't covered

  7. Hahaha it just happend to me today that a really hot girl came to me and told me. Wooow your shoes are fantastic! and I was like, What the fuck should I say? And I could only reply a somewhat shy "thanks"

  8. I scored a 5.5. I'm the type of guy that sees an opportunity and goes for it on occasion. I will book a gig if I feel the band and I are ready, but I don't go to the social spots in town and talk to people unless a friend already started talking to them. Otherwise I am point for point.

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