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What is SPIRIT COOKING? – Viral Trends


We explore the occult connection between Marina Abramovic and John Podesta, Hillary Clinton, Gwen Stefani, Usher Raymond, Jayz and more.


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  1. Thanks to YouTube videos and stumbling across the protocols of Zion among many other historical documents I am a born again Christian. I hope all others will also dig into this information and not just assume we are all a bunch of lunatics.

  2. So, I just discovered this evil demon. She is one example of why I never felt like I belonged to this world. It'seen a few hours since I watched this video. It started my research on this demon. She said wearing a devil Halloween costume marked her. How pathetic. Why be so vile? There is absolutely NO REASON !!!!!! SHE SAID IT IS ART? Throwing pig blood art? VILE is right. I watched one of staring sessions. I felt so sick to the stomach disgusted. People were crying under her delusional spell. Only a pure soul would understand. I saw BLACK FLIES AND SMELLED ROTTING DEATH as I glared into her empty soul. Seeing all the people standing in line does not shock me. People are dark. I'm the light. She is so non-chalant about it likes it's normal to let people put a gun to her head and let herself be mutilated. As I write this I puked. ..But it finally made me realize it's time to leave the world. It's a toilet. Social media is a huge part of the problem. From this day on I am living a organic life ? percent. I will refuse to watch the news as well. Everything I do will be in my control. Marina explores the most disgusting evil things my mind is just too pure for the filth, it's NOT a sign of weakness. Marina is weak. Goodbye to all the filth. No more. There is a reason I discovered Marina today. I must cleanse myself. The stars that look up to her are appauling. I will now be free of all the putrid filth of the world into a bright light. I will try to ask myself to forgive Marina but in my heart I know it is impossible. The images of her letting people abuse her are etched in my mind. I must cleanse and cleanse. I am a empath. I myself experienced demons for 10 years but it stopped 1 year ago. I do not want them back. To anyone that reads this if you reply I will never read it because I am done with YouTube and all social media. Please feel free to leave a message. If you idolize this filth please evaluate your life. Please get help. There is something WRONG. I am a clairvoyant medium. Marina makes me literally cringe. I feel like vomiting again. To the pure souls that had to witness such repulsion I am truly sorry we live in such a toilet bowl. A filthy scummy toilet?. I feel I owe it to you to say there are beings of light. Be strong it will only get worse. I suggest living organic. Peace be worth you. Love and light to all.

  3. Pretty disgusting and I am not even religious.From a psychological point of view it is disturbing. To Mimic cannibalistic actions maybe they are preparing for the real thing eventually. Soylent Green is made of people.Well at least she did not get in for now. As for the others that are in power around the world if they bleed you can kill them.

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