Top 10 CRAZIEST Halloween Candy Meltdowns CAUGHT ON CAMERA!

Top 10 CRAZIEST Halloween Candy Meltdowns CAUGHT ON CAMERA! Enter our FREE Giveaway Here: Follow us on Twitter to be …


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  1. Dude its just candy and it's not very kind on 1st one wow you know it's not very kind to say I hate you and candy is not important as family and you should not cry because of candy you should do only cry because if you're family member died everyone say I hate you well they don't know how much their mom and dad love them because when I was14 was the first time I got a real house

  2. The first child is completely right. His initial reaction may not have been the best but yes, what his parent did was unkind. I really don't understand this at all. Once upon a time children were rebuked for lying but now the parents are doing it to them and it's okay? From there onward, how is the child supposed to know if the parent is telling the truth or purposefully misleading them/lying? I pray that these people will stop and think about the consequences of what they do, every thing that we say or do has a consequence – good or bad – it's up to us.

  3. I honestly wouldn’t be all mad. My mom pulled the prank on me when I was 6 and I was mad. But then I realized. I never eat it all anyways. Now that I’m 13 I’d be pretty pissed. I don’t get sweets to often and I have a major sweet tooth. So if she says she took all of my candy, I’d be mad. I hate to walk and run, I have a fast metabolism so no matter how lazy I am I don’t get ‘fat’. And this year I’m going as a saytre, and I paid for it. 300 dollars for custom fit legs and hooves. And the hooves, I have the front of my foot on that and my heel is 3 inches up. So walking around for so long on my toes (no support on the heels, if I wanted to I’d fall backwards) so if she took my candy after walking for 3 hours on non supported 3 inch ‘heels’ I’d be mad. It still not that mad cuz I never eat all my candy

    A saytre is a half human half goat person, they have the head arms and torso of a human and legs of a goat, as well as ears and horns of a goat.

  4. The one on the right did react to your #1, she gave a raspberry tongue. Shes totally trying to swallow her anger, but the lie is just 2 much so she threw something like a peace of paper. She is probably the kind to stay angry for awhile where as the other one gets it out and will be playing 10 minutes later. But the 1 on the right – her mood is ruined for awhile I bet. Don't talk to her or she will be unhappy. LOL

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