‘This Sh*t is Bananas!’ Official Sneak Peek | Are You The One? (Season 6) | MTV

Another week, another fight. #MTV #AreYouTheOne #AYTO Subscribe to MTV: http://goo.gl/NThuhC If your Perfect Match was standing right in front of you, …


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  1. Bitch you a NO MATCH fuckoff. Let this guy move on and gravitate to other girls that he feels like is his match so yall can go home with some money. Stop worrying bout your fucked up feelings now and wait for the show to be over and play strategically if yall want the money.

  2. She's fighting for the right point because I don't think Malcolm and diandra where that on beam he played her and she got back. She's wrong for arguing over a boy but has a point

  3. Nurys is so repelling to me, i guess she would be kinda hot but her personality totally ruins it, i havent seen anything from her the whole season except either hoeing or bitching. She would be a complete nightmare in a relationship, her match will be someone who sucks as much as she does.

  4. Nurys and Malcolm still had a thing after they found out that there not a match. Even though Didi deserves someone so much more then Malcolm I won't hate it if they end up a match , so I can laugh at shameless Nurys.

  5. Why is nurys getting mad about didi chasing Malcom when she did the exact same thing to didi a few episodes ago that’s the reason she’s the side chick bc whatever someone else has/wants she just wants to mess it up for them ffs ?

  6. I can't stand Nury's. Fighting over a dude that played y'all both. Didi should have not entertained that crap she's better than that. I would have stopped Malcolm that second and said "you can have him baby girl."

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