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Roof Top Car Camping Series | Landscape Photography | Fall Color – Viral Trends

Roof Top Car Camping Series | Landscape Photography | Fall Color

Car camping / Overland camping in a CVT Cascadia Vehicle Tents roof top tent and landscape photography. Looking for fall color in the Ochoco Mountains

#RoofTopTent #RoofTopTents #RTT #CVTTents #CascadiaVehicleTents #CVTFamily #CarCamping #OverlandCamping #VehicleCamping #TruckCamping #Photography #LandscapePhotography #PendletonWhisky

My name is Jason Darrah and I am Outdoor adventurer who enjoys videography and photography living in Central Oregon. I spend a lot of my time recreating in the thousands of square miles of wilderness, national forests and Public Lands (BLM) that we have here in Oregon and enjoy capturing my adventures in a fun and inspiring way. If you found this video interesting I would very much appreciate you subscribing to my channel and if you would like to help support the creation of my videos you can do so by clicking on the Patreon link below. If you have any specific questions about anything in this video, please leave me a comment and I will do my best to reply in a timely manner. For those of you that are interested in the equipment used in making my videos there is a complete list of all hardware and software I use below.
If you would like to help support the Primal Outdoors channel click on my Patreon link Below.
Patreon – https://www.patreon.com/primaloutdoors

To keep up with Primal Outdoors on my other social media sites check out the following links:
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Like me on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/primaloutdoors
Follow me on Instagram – https://instagram.com/primal_outdoors/

Whisky I am drinking is Pendleton Whisky


Video Hardware and Software list:
Nikon D750
Tamron 24-70mm F2.8
DJI Mavic Pro
Garmin Virb XE
Zoom H1
Adobe Premiere Pro CC
Adobe AfterEffects CC
Adobe Audition CC

Music By: Skylar Thody
Skylar Thody is a singer songwriter born and raised in the Mississippi Delta. He got his first guitar at 8 years old, taught himself to play then started writing songs shortly after. Influenced by the wide variety of music in the Delta, you’ll find hints of blues, funk, rock and soul in Skylar’s music.

Check Skylar’s YouTube Channel

Other music
Exist Strategy – A song for stolen keys
Mango Jams – Reflections II
Ben Sounds – Better Days
Hip Hop and Rock Ciniematic – Downloaded from Pond5.com


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Comments 45

  1. Great video I think a great picture would have been your drink on the log with the gloves and axe leaning aginst the log and fire in the back ground. It was to me a symbol of relaxing.

  2. Love the video, thank you for sharing! Also…love the dogs, they look so happy to be out about. Quick question, how is the "stargazer" bit of the CVT? I didn't get it because I was worried it might leak. Looks like you use it in the rain no problem…is that right?

  3. Jason, that was another another great video. You may have answered this with someone before, but I haven't seen it. How do you keep the CVT from growing mildew when you have to fold it up wet? When I camp, and have to fold up a wet tent, I usually unfold it later indoors, and put a fan blowing on it for a while. Or lay it out a day or so later when the sun comes out, depending on how long wet weather lasts. Do you have to do something similar with the CVT? Thanks.

  4. loved the friendly banter in the store. there is something comforting about the music you always use, I hope you always use it in small doses, it's very good. I appreciate bushcrafting, but I like your camping style better. use a bit of modern stuff so there is more time to enjoy. the lighting during the campfire sequences was unreal, so good. you shoot really good videos. thanks for sharing, thumbs up

  5. Ha, do all you guys live in the same area. Wondered what had happened to his vehicle build. Great invention the chainsaw, Looked relaxing night out. Great video as always

  6. I sometimes think to myself .. Not another truck tent video, but as always I watch and like always very impressed, entertained and enlightened. Thanks for sharing these times with all of us.

  7. Very cool. A good old pickup truck with a tent at the back. There is no easier setup than this to go wild camping, done in a couple of minutes. I like that the truck bed is still completely accessible for daily use. Can you lock it when you need to secure equipment?

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