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Gujarat Assembly polls: Anger Against GST, DeMo Enough To Influence Voting? – Viral Trends

Gujarat Assembly polls: Anger Against GST, DeMo Enough To Influence Voting?

With the announcement of dates for Gujarat Assembly election, the model code of conduct has come into force with immediate effect. India Today opinion poll …


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  1. Morarji Desai said when he was asked about Rajiv Gandhi:: The weight of the grey matter in his his head did not increase his weight even by an ounce..Raul has not done anything to suggest better. He is borrowing everything . He e end used the same team of people in U.P election that Mr.Modi used for Lok- Sabha used ,but see the results the tools are as. good as the user

  2. Gujarat Election shuru hone se pehle hi Congress ki Corruption ka Karobar shuru hogaya..So Called Activists Congress meh Koodh rahe hai..Aur koi Hotel meh Dalla bazi kar raha hai..Doob Maro..??

  3. Gujrat people believes in Caste system and Black Money.. cause they are business class , without black money they will not survive 4 days.. Corruption should be there for Gujrat people.. Mother of ass suckers present in Gujrat

  4. Exactly what the Congress party said. Why is Modi coming to Gujarat he is the P.M. of India . He may be a Gujarati so what , This election is for a respected candidate of the BJP . Show the face of those people not the P. M. Why cant the leader of the BJP talk in the speeches who wants to stand in the election . Will Modi be demoted and rule Gujarat. Why is he going to portray a different picture to the party . If BJP is having so much of strength fight is out on your own with your leaders . What is GVL of the BJP talking Modi has to go there to strengthen the party . OK so your trying to say Modi is BJP he has to be selective only for the BJP needs and for certain issues , not for the country . So that is the P.M. we have . many have this same view on their lips . The P.M. was the one to create all this of the domonetization and GST and the Aadhar . Now your trying to pacify people it was a good move. You have made a mess and your trying to clean your mess up . The damage is done you do all in haste and repent at leisure.

  5. 56 कारसेवका जले थे उसमे …24 पाटीदर थे …हार्दिक गदार …रात को 2 बजे क्यु गया था ….

  6. जमीन पर कुछ कुछ ऐसे ही हालात है ,,,,, मीडिया बार बार दलितों को अलग कर के दिखा रही है,,,लेकिन आपको समझना होगा कि हमारे वोट एक साथ कभी नही जाते हैं,,,,up में भी कभी दलितों ने साथ मे वोट नही किया है,,,वाल्मीकि समाज कभी कांग्रेस को वोट करता था तो बाद में बीजेपी को ,,,,, इसी तरह पांशी समाज हमेशा से बसपा को वोट करता है,,,, खैर ,,,,

    North गुजरात मे दलित वोट सीधे सीधे कांग्रेस को जा रहे हैं जबकि कच्छ और साउथ में bjp को भी दलित वोट मिल रहा है,,,,

    मुझे लगता है bjp इस बार चौकाने वाले नतीजे देने वाली है ….

  7. You can not trust Gujarati people because they are most illiterate in terms of political information and about most unaware about how they should be voting for on which topics they end up voting for the same party just because someone they know is belong to xyz party

    And they trust modi blindly because he did all the fashionable and make event out of small thing they want that just that….. they would press BJP button on the battle day no matter how they promised you earlier

  8. No one in this world can understand or imagine about what Modi is thinking or how is feeling.. it is same for Shah.. that is why most of the politicians and so called journalists failed to predict their future plans ir strategy.

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