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‘Don’t Cry, Kailyn!’ Official Sneak Peek | Teen Mom 2 (Season 8) | MTV – Viral Trends

‘Don’t Cry, Kailyn!’ Official Sneak Peek | Teen Mom 2 (Season 8) | MTV

Kailyn gets emotional before the birth of her baby. Watch a new episode of Teen Mom 2 Monday at 9/8c on MTV. #MTV #TeenMom2 Subscribe to MTV: …


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Comments 38

  1. Hahahah !!!! Karma bitch should of not cheated on javi your husband after you said you don’t want kids have one w s random dude . You have no worth 3 baby daddy’s dammm she stay prego and and it’s only cuz your white people wont talk shit but she’s a whore

  2. Javi wouldnt have missed her doctors appointment though. Idk what she expected this random guy Chris who she wasnt even really with to be there for her. Javi is NOT ONLY THERE FOR LINCOLN BUT ISSIAC WHO isnt even his son. You don't find that in a lot of men and you definitely wont find that in Chris.

  3. she had a great husband that loved her and all she wanted was her friends and now she is alone with 3kids. That's her fault for being a bitch. She never appreciated Joe and his family. She never appreciated her husband Javi. Oh well this is called KARMA

  4. I really think people need to separate the issues she had with Javi, and her new baby daddy issues. It may not be that she thought the grass was greener on the other side. How about she just didn’t want Javi anymore. That’s possible, that’s allowed. Now yes she found herself right back in some drama situation again, but that’s less about Javi being the holy grail of men and more about Kail just having issues that probably stem back to the way she was raised. Kail will never be happy as long as she doesn’t seek a little therapy. I personally think Kail wants to raise her kids alone, or at least that’s the way it comes across. She finds a way to push everyone away. Nobody can do anything right for long when it comes to Kail.

  5. I hate to say this but she brings all of this shit upon herself. Instead of learning she keeps repeating the same mistake over and over and over again like honestly it sounds like a broken record. She’s just a desperate little whore who will get pregnant off of every guy that she sleeps with. #Disgusting

  6. I can’t stand how she keeps making herself the victim. Like i get that shes pregnant and emotional but damn shut up!! Seriously grow up be a woman be a mom and worry about the welfare of these children. You got 2 men who are willing to be civil and coparent and love and respect both of your kids even lux and then you got a dead beat. Let him be a dead beat if he wants to, get custody and move tf on! That baby needs a stable and nurturing environment, and if she keeps bringing all these men and women around them and sleeping with them and them bad mouthing the dads thats only going to hurt these kids. Seriously get it together. These babies already have to face the fact that they grew up on National Television but to see their mom whine and act a fool is worse.

  7. Kailyn is literally getting back what she put out in the world. Brianna is a bad act to follow. I wouldn't stay with Brianna either. Luis was tired of her nagging and her moms nagging. They told him to get a job so he did, then complained when he had to work. No dude wants a woman who is gunna kick him while he's already down. You can't fault him for trying, and then disappearing when his effort is appreciated. This is why Brianna's mom, sister, and her are all single. Kailyn is just getting Karma.

  8. And this is what happens when u lay down with just anyone! Thinking they going have feelings for you be there 24/7 wrong! It happens so many times to like a curse in this generation…. u have to break it ladies.

  9. Yes its sad if you dont fix your mind look at you 3 different baby daddies you could of done better not saying its the children fault its your fault Mom for not thinking before hopping on the pony without protection.

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