Cats Don’t Care Funny Pets Videos | Best Funny Cat Videos Ever

Cats really just don’t care! Funny Pet Videos brings you the best funny animals videos from 2017. Funny Cat Videos …


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  1. Some of these ppl need a smack upside the head. Nothing funny about the cat with kleenex box on head then falls down stairs, what an idiot, it is NOT funny, or the cat with the box on its head on table, some ppl r sooooo stoopid. If u dont respect the animal u shouldnt have one.

  2. There are some very irresponsible cat owners here. The woman at 3:37 cackling away like a witch while her cat falls downstairs shouldn't be allowed a pet. Don't get me started on the one in the washing machine.

  3. The funny parts is when the cat hit the guinea pig and when the cat went in to the whit it's food and leand over it fell and when the cat could not wallk right in the little jacket

  4. Whoever put their cat near their guinea pigs apparently doesn't care about their guinea pigs. Why do they have them? That is really cruel and should not be included in this video.

  5. Persian cats just looks weird. A friend of mine once opened a door and accidentally hit a persian straight in the face. I convinced him that he had just bashed in the face of the poor cat. He freaked out completely and tried to apologize to the owner of the cat, who immediately caught on and played along. We ribbed the poor guy all afternoon…

    We DID eventually tell him the cat was supposed to look like that, which he didn't believe at first (he didn't think any cat could be THAT ugly), which made the whole thing even more hilarious.

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