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The Harsh Reality of Landscape Photography | You’re Not Alone – Viral Trends

The Harsh Reality of Landscape Photography | You’re Not Alone

Second video from my day trip to the Cairngorms National Park. Join me as I explore Craigellachie Nature Reserve in Aviemore in an effort to photograph some autumn colours in the birch woodland. I reflect on how difficult landscape photography can be when the conditions don’t work in your favour.

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All music from Epidemic Sound:
We’ll Meet Again


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Comments 35

  1. Don't get discouraged! Honestly I prefer that type of flat light for shooting fall colours. It won't distract from the colour variation. Keep at it and shoot lots! The pathway looked really nice for starters and those were awesome reflections … magical place!!

  2. Sometimes you just have to shoot no matter what. Don’t know what percentage of the time you walked without vbloging but I think you you may have been a wee bit too loquacious and not observing enough. That said, I shall continue watching your channel as it is enjoyable. Please don’t apologize so much for the weather. Once or twice will do. The video speaks for it self. It would be enjoyable to go for a walk with you and several other scott’s and brits.

  3. Another worthy video KG, another video full of support & honesty. You & a few others don’t view your YouTube channel as a vehicle for feeding your ego, you use it as a window to your thoughts & journey as a Photographer. It’s a privilege to share the journey. I tend to take as many pictures of where I’ve been as where I’m going during my walks. Thanks.

  4. This was just what I needed to see after a trip to one of the prime spots for autumn color in the northwestern U.S. where, because of harsh, unforgiving light, the only really decent image I could come up with was…a black-and-white conversion. Yes, it happens to all of us. (Although, frankly, I thought the one photo you did include in this video looked quite good.)

  5. Great videos Kim keep them coming. Only one thing can you cut back on the phenomenal, you say it quite a lot. Try fantastic, marvellous, unique, outstanding, remarkable. ? enjoying your content getting close to Sir Thomas Heaton standard. PHENOMENAL ?

  6. Great video again thank you. I find that when the light is less than favourable opting for black-and-white and doing things like long exposure of water and Intimate details does the trick.

  7. Hi from New Zealand Kim. I understand your frustration but it's all practice and perseverance.
    But if you want to learn from a master who can shoot in any weather conditions and also find a composition from seemingly nothing, then let me encourage you to study Joe Cornish's work. Get his books out of the library. 'This Land' & 'First Light' are two that come to mind readily. They delve into his mind with the 'whys and wherefores' in essays accompanying each capture. It's GOLD!

  8. Kim is spot on, that is exactly how it is, this is as honest a video as it gets and I like it. Yes, there may have been decent subjects to be seen in the video, but as she is pointing out, they wouldn't make for an image you'd be proud of or that you'd put in a frame. I think this is video ends on a positive note just the same, because it's good to know that there's other photographers feeling the exact same way who don't give up but keep going.

  9. I hate your message in these videos. This kindve light can be the best for some landscape photos. If you go out to take photos and you don't actually take any, of course you're going to be disappointed! If all you're looking for is a pretty sunset or sunrise, then you should speak in those terms and be honest about it. Otherwise, there are a ton of good subjects that you could be taking pictures of there!

  10. Thanks for another positive video Kim! We're always so focused on getting a shot, the shot, that those of us that are less experienced as some of those that make it look easy have to prevent ourselves from pushing too hard. When we push too much I think we actually miss compositions that are there but we miss them because we aren't relaxed and in the zone. The more photography I do the more I have learned this and tried to press less and just enjoy being out. Worst case I scout the location for next time when the light will be better, or I try to find smaller, more intimate shots which is something I normally don't do.

  11. I can relate. I don't get to shoot as much as I would like. On a recent trip, I had one day available for shooting. I planned three months in advance for that epic sunrise only to be greeted with the first day of winter and overcast skies. Fortunately the trip was for business, so my personal travel was paid for :).

  12. If it means anything at all to you Kim I would like to say this – you inspire me! I am a cynical 62 year old bloke with quite a low opinion on the merits of todays youth. I call them the 'entitled' generation. It seems they want everything today without doing anything for it. But then, every now and again someone comes along who breaks the (perceived) mould. Those people renew hope in us oldies for the younger generation. You are one of those people! You have my respect and well deserved admiration. ??

  13. Great video Kim . I subscribed to you! by the way, if you (or anyone else) like adventure/exploration videos, new subscribers are always welcome on my channel. youtubers unite and support eachother! : )

  14. Your feeling it kim , its just part of the learning process. This area of photography is tough, made even worse by so many toggers putting up overworked iconics they shot on a nice day. You must keep on shooting no matter .

  15. Hi Kim, another great video. I had a similar issue yesterday, had a composition all planned out but it just didn't work, managed to get another image that was quite nice but it doesn't always map out as planned, but when it does it is SO worth it!!

  16. At least it didn't rain lol. No matter how many times you tell yourself at least I got out and got some exercise it is disheartening but luckily the feeling you get on a good day of photography is so fantastic it keeps you going through the bad days

  17. I can definitely relate: there has been many times that I've gone out to take pictures and ended up taking my camera on a long walk instead… I enjoy hiking (and walking around in town), so the day is not wasted even if the camera doesn't come out of its bag.

  18. I know what you mean Kim. I had quite a few of these in the past, but i got to say since last May, I got pretty lucky with good light (knock on wood) 🙂
    Like this morning, alarm went off a 6 am, did not want to get up and then i remember last Sunday when you didn't want to get, did anyway and drove 2 1/2 hrs.
    So i got up, went to Kouchibouguac National Park here in New Brunswick Canada and got and amazing sky. Got scared by a Bobcat or a Lynx that was following me so had to change places.
    If interested in viewing the pictures, let me know. 🙂

  19. Also remember that we are watching just to see good photography. We want to enjoy your journey and get to know your awesome personality! So don't be discouraged. At least for me, I'll continue watching, through the good times and tough times!

  20. I'm at home at this moment watching this video because I couldn't think where to go today that I haven't been a dozen times. And then, you inspired me and I remembered a spot. So I'll have to stop this video at 3:25 and get back to it later. Have a great day, thanks for posting. 🙂

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