Photography – you gotta work at it. Mike Browne Photography Coaching

Improve your photography by working hard and putting in some effort. Instant gratification doesn’t last…

500PX interview:



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  1. Great advice Mike! I found this very helpful. Love watching your channel and always look forward to new videos. You certainly cover so many aspects of photography. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks Mike. I love listening to you. You talk common sense. I loved the sheep photos. They were stunning. Every thing you say makes sense and inspires and motivates me.

  3. Hello Mike. Yo never stop creating great videos and surprising me. This one is amassing. I one of the ones that I learn all the way with your help and I have learnt a lot. I just deliver a set of photos for the “Cancer Council, Relay For Live” here at Melbourne, a free voluntary job that I put my hand up. But the thing is, I learn to be confident behind the camera and how to look for subjects. I know that I can do it. All that, thank toy you.

  4. Mike, very inspirational talk that's right to the point. I felt the same way as you doing my first wedding shoot but it took time before I felt more relaxed but not totally. That was excellent as always, thanks.

  5. Thanks Mike, all very relevant and well said. Your videos and one day workshop set me going and I have been training hard and I am now regularly getting paid photography work. I'm loving what I do. Cheers. ??

  6. Man, am I glad you are my teacher. And this was re-enforcement for knowing that I made a decision to step out of my comfort zone that I know was right but had a million reasons for not making that decision. I bought my plane tickets a month ago. I don't know who said it but here is what I say to myself when I'm tempted to not try.
    "On the other side of that wall of fear is freedom."
    If you like those guys on motivational speakers, try listening to Les Brown. He is so good.

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