Keep things SIMPLE to IMPROVE your photography | Fuji XT2 challenge

In this video I embark on a landscape photography challenge against Steven Hanna with just a Fuji XT2, 35mm F2 lens, 24 photos and a subject of Trees. I have a slight advantage as he says there are no trees in Ireland! (unlikely story).

Make sure your check out Steven’s channel and his challenge video.

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Full Format SLR

Main landscape camera – Nikon D810 –
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  1. Great video & very insightful. As someone that has a been a 35mm & 120 film camera user until mid 2016, when I switched to a Fujifilm X-Pro2, the discipline still carries on with me. Superb images too.

  2. you did all the photos in " with border" was there a reason not to do them "borderless".
    is there any time to choose one way over another.
    since used a film camera to restrict shots you had to use all film rolls.
    you could use digital and tell yourself to only take a number of shots

  3. Lovely video Nigel..great sound track and drone shots…you gave the game away how difficult it can be to do these videos when we saw the second camera on the thats two cameras on tripods, AND one handheld vlogging camera, full audio stuff AND the drone AND trying to concentrate on the content…doing mine increased my gear about 75% !! least you had your son and dog to help…I was staying in Buttermere for 3 nights from the weekend before you arrived and alas weather/light was rubbishbut we did at least get sonme very soggy walks in (climbing Haystacks in 45mph gusts and driving rain is NOT to be recommended to the sane !!)…so wish I lived nearer the Lakes…keep up the great content

  4. Hi Nigel, beautiful location and shots! Now i'm off to watch Steven's video. I liked the limitations you imposed to yourselves. I don't know if I would be particularly happy shooting at 35mm coz I do tend to shoot a bit wider, but it was very interesting to watch.

  5. Nice work, enjoyed it a lot. Reminded me of back in the day shooting 35mm film with my retina IV. It seemed like we had to put a greater value on our time and resources then. But as you have so aptly pointed out, we can still do it and should be doing it. Thanks for the reminder.

  6. It has inspired me to do something similar at a fixed focal length. It also has made me think about moving from Nikon to Fuji. The quality of those images was stunning and I assume with very little editing in lightroom. You are an inspiration to us all Nigel. I feel for Steven in Ireland he did not have the joyous Lake District vista to play in.
    Thanks Nigel for all your work.

  7. Wonderful video! I'm wondering, how do you decide when to take a tripod and what to hand hold? Because from the video, I couldn't really make out any differences between the first shots on the tripod and those that followed. Neither needed a long exposure or grad filters or the like.

  8. Great video and great pictures. I thought that one roll of film has 36 frames. You may come up with a video to show the landscape through 23 mm (35 in five) and 35 mm (50 in ff):-)

  9. Nigel, that was really great! If I could make one suggestion and that is to let the people know in the beginning that the 35 on the Fuji is a 50mm on a full frame and that is what you are shooting with. The Fuji shooters will know like I did, but the others may not. It's a small tweak, you did an awesome job.

  10. Great images both in quality of composition and editing, which looked superb. I only ever use my 75mm on my Bronica which I think equates to about 42mm on a full frame. There’s something about wider frame that’s magical. As always a brilliant video, entertaining, informing and beautiful. I think you should both do the nearest coastline to where you took the images of the trees for your next challenge.

  11. Great collaboration Nigel, love the limitations you placed on yourselves. I’m also using the XT-2 for landscapes and should have vlog about that out soon. You managed to get some great shots, the colours over there at this time of the year are amazing. Thanks for sharing mate! 🙂

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