How to Make Gyudon (Beef Bowl Recipe) | Cooking with Dog

How to Make Gyudon 牛丼の作り方 We would appreciate it if you could add subtitles for this video!


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  1. yeah i ate this food in my time in Japan, Naha and Tokyo i visit last time,yeah i go back to Tokyo again,and yeah i will eat this dish again,very good taste and very yummy,like it a lot,hope my trip starts end of October,see yeah there and have a ggod time,bye.

  2. I made this tonight. Lot of steps and pans. I think at 20 minutes the egg might be a little too much cooked, at least using a Western stove here. The meat was so tender. Sauce good. toppings all nice touch. Thank you. 4.28/5

  3. The best gyudon recipe on youtube! Thanks a lot!!

    I left the onsen tamago for 20 minutes and then the yolk got too hard. I believe 15 minutes ought to do it. Or you can just poach the eggs using a different technique – the soft yolk is really a must for this.

    Also, I am allergic to fish – so I can not add hondashi nor fish dashi. I used store-bought vegetable stock and it turned out OK. I untraditionally added some curry for a boost in favor.

    Also, I didn't have the japanese pepper blend – so I just used chilli powder instead.

  4. I made this for the first time since leaving Japan 10 years ago. IT WAS SUPERB!! I used to have the gyudon with cheese, so I grated some Dutch 'belegen' cheese, and its soooo good (much better than the cheese in Sukiya LOL). For the next time Ill make sure i have some togarashi.

  5. I cooked this at home and it turned out great. A friend of mine who lived in Japan for 18 years told me that it was really good. I was so happy.
    ありがとございました from Israel.

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