BECOMING ONE WITH VEIGAR – Climb to Master | League of Legends

HuzzyHat is here: We’re back on the Main account! Today playing Veigar Mid, let me know you’re excited for main account content to …


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  1. Can you really be so critical of someone in the same rating as you? Talking about the Singed. I mean Azir doesnt really build nashors anymore but you didnt comment on that since it used to be considered core. But what do I know? Im just a guy on YouTube.

  2. hey huzzy, try taking mobility boots on veigar to be able to get the cage off. I know some challengers do it but it might be personal preference or a very very high elo thing, but i'd like to hear your opinion on it.

  3. Ohmahgawsh it's Singed42- oh. Oh wait this is EU… and he never liked the numerous dark seal build, despite using it when it was strong (which it now isn't since it has become even more irrelevant now… I enjoy that Huzzy said essentially the same thing while I was typing this). Nevermind. X:
    This singed main cringes at these proxy plays. ;-; Just go to lane as Singed! Stop proxying unnecessarily… C'mon buddies…
    People rightfully complain about how Vegiar's R is annoying… Myself? Playing multiple games against veigar in aram made me despise his cage.

  4. The multiple dark seal build path still works. It wasn't gutted. Literally the only thing that changed was that Singed passive change, but really thats only partially why it was used. The potion efficiency stat stacking is the primary reason (which is still there). Singed just doesnt get the extra health from mana conversion of his old passive. It still works though.

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