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War Photographer – James Natchwey – Viral Trends

War Photographer – James Natchwey

Corto realizado con fragmentos del documental War Photographer o Fotógrafo de Guerra. El cual trata de dar un rápido vistazo acerca de la obra que realiza el fotógrafo James Natchwey alrededor del mundo. Reconocido este como el fotoperiodista más influyente de la actualidad. Sus imágenes no necesitan palabras si no obras.

(Realizado para el curso de Historia de la Imagen, en el Centro de la Imagen – Lima, Perú.


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Comments 13

  1. Best documentary i have ever seen, James Nachtwey's "War Photographer" hods #1 spot with Don McCullin's "McCullin" documentary… both of these men, they are something else. Mad respect for both of them.

  2. Where is all these photographers beign working now when all the western politics are repeating their absurd proclaims that rebels are shoot at their own houses and killing their civillians at Donbass… We see NONE of these "hero-type" photographers from US or UK there – and the reason they are not there is pretty simple: none of them will be awarded with prestigious interational awards and none of them would be paid for their job by their journals and newspapers… – just because the pics they shall bring won't be correspond with the official line of the western gothernments – of USA and their assosiates.All the "progressive photographers" would stay blind and death until they get the only substance they all react on – the $$$…
    (excurse my poor English, please…)
    Open your blind pre-paid eyes, you blind assholes!..

  3. kevin:
    The vidéo is very interesting because there is a good video quality. The photographer is so into image search has a real talent. The journalists talk about victims in effect on the video we see hundreds of corpses, the images may seem very shocking but this was unfortunately the reality. The journalists and photographers really have courage to risk their lives to bring us these images of supreme rarity and send them to send in a really very interesting video. Follow us make videos like this that brings me indeed enormously. ♥

  4. Camille et Orlane : This report is amazing, but is so distressing too see every atrocity. This report is constructive because we can discover the past of the people while respecting the family. But we can also learn a lot about the art of the photographer. Journalists have a weight on their shoulders because their photos may have an impact on the world. This makes us think a lot about life. It is necessary to have a real talent to photograph without rushing the victim’s families.  I respect them very much.

  5. Nice video but a little boring. War correspondent it’s a nice job because see the world, travels . It’s a serious job, important, he shows what is happening to them to the world. He points the injustices victims suffered. James Natchwey doesn’t move too fast, he doesn’t speak too loudly, he wants to be open in his approach. But the things they see can sometimes shock the war correspondent and can traumatize him. This job is really risky both mentally and physically.

  6. LEA : This report is incredible, it shows the atrocity which there is in the world. Photos take snuff by the photographer have an impact on people. This photographer in an incredible talent and a very big courage, and shows us to what extent she adores her jobin spite of the difficulty which it contains. This video really gives pause for thought in quite this horrors which takes place, who it is far or near us. I really respect these people, and the wonderful work which they make. This video deserves to be to look by a great deal of people, them needs to end all these horrors.

  7. Vincent :
    This report, is rather incredible, have become aware of atrocities of the world.
    But also difficulties of the job, the photographer and the journalist.
    In spite of, rather shocking images, the report is done well, and it shows, all which takes place in the world today.
    We can also underline, the courage of the people, who are to go to make their job in danger zones. And the great talent of the photographer. And I thank, these people to show us things, which people shows us under normal circumstances, they have a lot of courage, I respect them enormously .

  8. My opinion on the work of James Nachtney is mixed, on the one hand I find his work is extraordinary because he is there for those in need who have lost a family member.  Thanks to him people realize they are victims of injustice and that their lifestyle is absolutely not normal. This man is a hero because he puts his own life in danger to denounce the war in other countries with photos. On the other hand people who have just lost a loved one may not have wanted to be photographed in this painful time.  His photos can shock and disturb because he takes pictures of dead children, soldiers and grieving families.  For me James Nachtney is a very good photographer, I respect his work but it should be limited because he takes shocking photos.

  9. The video is very interesting because first we see the photographer who is involved in his work and in fact we see the war, But we also see people suffering, they live in misery, we see the bodies of deceased persons. I think this photographer wants us to see how a war is horrible.. The photographer also takes several videos where we see the soldiers in combat, videos and images are shocking and make us really think. We can say that the photographer is a man who in a lot of courage and deserves respect.

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