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Uhuru Kenyatta’s full address to the nation ahead of polls – Viral Trends
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  1. GODLY SIGNS…!despite hypocratic PRAYERS…!
    ALL IN KENYA2017….??(UHURU&RUTO must GO…!!
    What kind of apresident and deputy president are UHURU&RUTO in the 21st.century Kenya?,where is EMPATHY,SYMPATHY AND LEADERSHIP?,where is the spirit of KENYA FIRST?,why don´t they step ASIDE for Humanity in Kenya to experience real SOCRATIC DEMOCRACY,real SOLIDARITY,real HUMAN RIGHTS,real JUSTICE,and real ECONOMICAL AND POLITICAL EMPOWERMENT through real peoples GOVERNMENT,from the people,for the people and of the people in a real INCLUSIVE PERFORMING SOCIETY…!in the 21st.century….

    The Godly Signs,that Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta and William Arap Samoei Ruto,plus lots of the JubileeParty Thugs and the Independent Electoral Boundaries Commission are not reading in order to step a side for the Republic to move forward,for the sake of true Inclusion,Justice for all,and real Freedoms for the Humanity in the Kenyan Nation,without Nepotism-Tribalism-all Forms of Corruptions-Immorality-Clanism-Landgrabbing-Impunities,and shoot to Kill policy of Uhuru and Ruto.
    -:In August 2017,The NEW-Budalangi-Bridge did COLLAPSE,during Uhuru and Ruto visit!(no word from a mr.uhuru and ruto)

    -:In September2017,The House in Nyeri-Karatina,did COLLAPSE,during Uhuru and Ruto Campaign(Kenyan were injured) No word from a mr.uhuru muigai kenyatta.

    -:In October 2017,A four Storey House in Nakuru Town COLLAPSE during Uhuru and Ruto,Prayers at Furaha on the 22.10.2017.(Kenyan humans were injured) No word from a mr.uhuru muigai kenyatta.

    -:In October 2017,The Private Hellicopter of a mr. uhuru muigai kenyatta COLLAPSED in Lake Nakuru,and Kenyan Human Lives lost,during Uhuru and Ruto Campaigning in Rift Valley.(No word from mr. Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta and William Arap Samoei Ruto)

    -: The Shoot to kill order,resulting in over 67 deaths of very innocents Kenyan Humanity at the hands of the Kenyan Police,and the days government, since August2017.(no word from uhuru and ruto,the two must be held responsible NOW)
    God is not,and was never happy with the real two hypocrates and shoot to kill THUGS at the top of Jubilee political Party..!God does show them the SIGNS that they should quit,step aside,take real responsibility for the mess they have caused to the already suffering Kenyan humanity in the SLUMS,rural areas,in towns,and not to mention,the real economical corruptions…!
    Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta and William Arap Samoei Ruto must step aside and held accountable to all deaths and killings,murders of those who been shoot and killed from 2013 until 2018-2019…!JAIL the power hungry THUGS NOW,to avoid more deaths and lack of real human dignity and respect in the whole Country…!

    (More contact:-MJrAssisiJosef@gmail.com)October2017!…..

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