Kardashian $150M Deal Gets Split Interestingly! | TMZ Live

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  1. My cable provider use to charge me more just for the E network even if I cancelled every other channel and only wanted 5 channels they didn't care cuz these chiccs,,,must be nice.
    for the record Kim is still the queen B.she and it's her empire .Kylie is a replica, a mentee.

  2. I HAAAAATE THIS ENTIRE FAMILY!! I HAVE NEILSEN BOXES ON ALL OUR TVS AND #1 RULE IN MY HOUSE IS ABSOLUTLY NOOOO WATCHING ANYTHING WITH ANY KARDASIAN/JENNERS IN IT!!… Theyr r horrid example of usa and terrible entitled bitches tht are the worst role models!!..
    Theyr entire career was made off her own daughters PORNO…!! Its just disgusting ppl even watch them or buy theyr shity products.. It disgusts me!!
    Also WHY does evry1 call KIMS PORNO A SEX TAPE?.. Is that suppose to make it sound classier??.. Cos ITS DEF. A PORNO IDK THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE 2.. BUT IT SOUNDS LIKE A WAY OF SUGAR COATING PORNOS..

  3. Makes me sad for this world when they say an "empire" the Romans built and empire theses idiots becomes famous because of OJ, plastic surgery and six tapes.
    God help us all

  4. I don't understand why these scums, these whores and low life of human beings would get pay that much for such a stupid program?! I wish they would be gone already. Please people stop watching this show, so they would vanish from the airwaves.

  5. Kylie is successful but her personality isn’t interesting. Kim , Khloe, and Kourtney are much more interesting to watch. They have a comedic go them side unlike Kylie & Kylie’s show ratings show it. The girl is bland

  6. Modern day White Men are Beta Male Cucks. They don't mind their daughters , mothers and wives being sexually harassed. Fucking PUSSY ASS MOTHERFUCKERS.
    German and Swede Men are among the worst. 50 years everything has changed. Trannies and FAGGOTS are pussies.

  7. ?♦️???♦️???♦️???? ??☸️✳️ ℹ️M AM Y?⭕UR ??⭕G F?⭕R Lℹ️FE???⭕Ⓜ️?⭕ST ???IGH THANK Y?⭕U F?⭕R GIVIℹ️NG ???⭕NE???ℹ️L???G???ℹ️L????®?®?®????⭕NE???ℹ️L???G???ℹ️L????®?®?®????⭕NE???ℹ️L???G???ℹ️L????®?®?®?? ℹ️M AM Y?⭕UR ??⭕G FOR Lℹ️FE???⭕Ⓜ️?⭕ST ???ℹ️GH THANK Y?⭕U F?⭕R Gℹ️Vℹ️NG ???⭕NE???ℹ️L???G???ℹ️L????®?®?®????⭕NE???ℹ️L???G???ℹ️L????®?®?®????⭕NE???ℹ️L???G???ℹ️L????®?®?®?? ℹ️M AM Y?⭕UR ??⭕G F?⭕R Lℹ️FE???⭕Ⓜ️?⭕ST ???ℹ️GH THANK Y?⭕U F?⭕R Gℹ️Vℹ️NG ???⭕NE???ℹ️L???G???ℹ️L????®?®?®???ℹ️?⭕NE???ℹ️L???G???ℹ️L????®?®?®????⭕NE???ℹ️L???G???ℹ️L????®?®?®?✳️☸️?#??️ALL?

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