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Zidoo X6 Pro Android Tv Box Review – Viral Trends

Zidoo X6 Pro Android Tv Box Review

Zidoo X6 Pro Prices & Availability: US: http://goo.gl/TwemBe EU: http://goo.gl/2ZKnIF This is my Full video review on the latest Android TV Box available from …


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Comments 33

  1. Hello Roberto. Um bom dia da Florida. I have a x6 pro and I have had a few issues with it. I have contacted support via skype and facebook as wll as through the fourms, but either no one answers or it taks days to teply to one sentence. the 1st issue i had was the audio was out of sync. i fixed that using a tweak on the xml file. but now i am noticing another issue. when streaming 5.1 audio through my Yamaha receiver, it plays dolby digital and then every 5 seconds or so it switches to pro logic 2 for half a second then back to dolby digital. i have tested my receiver with other devices snd have rulled that it is the zidoo. i have it setup correctly through the guide provided on zidoo website and have passthrough enabled in zdmc. any ideas? or know a better way to contact zidoo?

  2. I have the OTT M8S box and I'm finding it a bit slow for my liking, so I have been looking at Cora core boxes and this looks like the best so far, is or are there any other offs core boxes you think are best with an affordable price similar to this box? thanks

  3. So I can use this and play movies (mkv files and other formats) when I connect my external HDD to it? He's talking about frame drops after rewinding… that's scary…

  4. Hi Roberto like alway you are the best Always the best video information… I need some help I need a game controller for this zidoo x6 what can be the best game controller for this unit please let me know thank you….

  5. Hi, I got the Zidoo X6pro after i watched ur review.it's a good android box,but I want to ask about this box is being factory rooted as u said but my box is not rooted.Is it because I updated it, right away as soon as I got it,to 1.0.33 and also I am having problem with kodi 16.0,16.1 when I paused the movie for a few min it's crashed.I also can't move app to SD card.Is it just my box or others having the same problem?

  6. Hello from Turkey.

    Can u tell me 3 things
    1-is there any usb hdd support ?
    2-is there any transmission(torrent) install for x6 and record usb hdd ?
    3-İf my tv have cam or can we attch anythıng to skype work on x6 for skype video call ?

  7. Got mine. But, why cant i cast windows 10 like other android boxes. I thought these hardware all support Windows WIDi display. you review shows IOS and android devices. The Box has a Happy cast- but a windows 10 cant see that device on search.

  8. Saw some concerns of over heating of x6, is this a big issue? I am debating between Zidoo x6 vx Tronsmart orion vs Tronsmart s95. Want the latest and snappiest among these with support. Any suggestions. Saw all your videos but still would want to know the most stable and reliable hardware.

  9. update on this box bro. there is definitely an issue with it and certain apps. it seems to freeze very often when I'm watching showbox on it. it's will normally make it 3/4 of the way through the movie and then crash. annoying. otherwise this box is awesome.

  10. Hi Roberto, just got my x6pro, just wondering, you're mentioning that the you can install any other launcher as usual. Can you explain how to do it? And also how to reverse to the x6 launcher? thanks!

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