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Genetically Modify Food – Viral Trends

Genetically Modify Food

Genetically modified (GM) foods have been around for decades. Created by modifying the DNA of one organism through the introduction of genes from another, …


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Comments 38

  1. AM a scientist from Uganda who majored in plant biotechnology in my college degree ,believe genetic engineering and other convention method in breeding should not be left out to feed 9.5 billion in the year 2050 and 10.2 billion in 2083. i understand the concern about the technology and this comes due to its complexicity and secondly people still have a chance to choose from but sometime to come they may come back to the gospel of truth of biotechnology.

    I love the debate i wish Uganda and Africa as whole could learn how to well debate on scientific technology. love you all for what you do.james ocure.

  2. Why is it our job to feed the world? For at least 50 years we've saved hundreds of millions of people that were bred by parents who didn't have a clue how to feed them. It cruel to say it but it's reality: If you calme your conscience by feeding two Africans you just postpone the issue for a couple of years and 20 years later you have 4 Africans on the brink of starvation. 40 years later 8, and 60 years 16! Now I do get that high school graduates have a hard time grasping this, but I would expect scientist to be honest enough to point out that our parents – by "feeding the world" have only given us the "obligation" to "save" four times as many! Do you really want to put your children under the "moral obligation" to feed 4billion instead of ketting starve one now? And no! they will not stop fucking! If you feed their children and provice medicare they will keep having 4 and 5 and 10 children per woman! Only give food in exchange for vasectomies! That's the only path that does not lead to unevitable disaster!

  3. For everyone saying that the "Against" are not knowledgeable, think again. They are scientists, and that's how scientists speak. They are convoluted; they speak as if you know everything they do; they criss cross from multiple small studies than jump to macro studies without batting an eyelash. It is one of the worst ways to explain something, but when you dig through their comments, they are articulating many poignant arguments.

  4. If I am correct, the "Against" is arguing that there are no long term studies for the health effects of GMOs. They state that only short term studies were conducted only testing for acute illness, which could miss subtle changes that compound over time, like the carcinogenic effect of of cigarettes.

    This can be problematic in two ways: 1. The population is eating something that is damaging directly caused by genetic engineering. 2. Genetic engineering allows the use of pesticides, that would otherwise unusable, to be sprayed on crops, which could have ill effects.

    However, due to the lack of long term studies definitively saying GMOs are bad and the inherent incentive for corporations to downplay any potential harmful effects, it's hard to choose a side.

  5. Stop tinkering with nature. Everything has been provided for us. We should be fruitarians. That is what we were originally. Dont eat other living beings that we share the world with! Dont pollute this beautiful plantet!! Dont use contraception!! Dont have more children than you can support. Get exercise and stop wasting time on your iphones, tablets and X boxes!!!

  6. Look to usa farmer Gabe Brown for more bushel yields and better mixed farming methods without gmo, without ploughing up and killing the soil life, without pestacides or herbicides. For better soil, water retention and for ecology of the earth as a whole, and Elaine Ingham for soil biology. More profits for farmers, better cleaner healthier products for consumers, better health for the nation. Healthier better use of the land overall including less land use. Monsanto would go bust. You will see how monsanto are talking unscientific protectionism of their billion pound profits.

  7. This moderator fucking sucks. I think he wants to use people as simply delivering lines or questions, it's called a conversation – let it happen. He cuts off Bill Nye to suggest he almost asked a question? How about you shut the fuck up and let Bill Nye make a discussion point. Or just continue to cut people off and interrupt people. It should be like a discussion, not John Donovan talking hour.

  8. i guess the layman the question to be asked is,are their any scientific data that's tells us the harmful effects of GMO foods if any?and the answer are no and unclear.so the motion is favored and the oppositions claims are hearsay..

  9. The non-GMO camp could have debated this much better. Also, in my opinion this moderator was biased in favor of GMOs. His demeanour towards the pro-GMO debaters was clearly mote jovial and receptive whereas towards the non-GMO debaters he was curt.

  10. They should have had skilled debaters on the anti-GMO side. Those two were just terrible debaters. I think other people with better speaking skills could have made a stronger case.

  11. The anti-GM contestants missed some of the most important facts and did not argue well.

    How about the fact that the ever increasing use of glyphosate is damaging soil ecology by killing certain types of beneficial bacteria.

    How about the fact that glyphosate acts as a mineral chelator — thus affecting adequate absorption of minerals into the crop plants, thus creating less nutritious food.

    How about the fact that glyphosate gets absorbed into the crop, is eaten by humans, and then can interfere via chelation the absorption of needed minerals into the blood of people who eat those crops.

    How about the fact that organic farming far out-yields GM crops, and with more nutritious food to boot.

    How about the fact that organic farmers are not government subsidized whereas Big Ag is subsidized, which causes organic food to be higher priced.

    How about the fact that modern organic farming methods actually improves soil quality whereas glyphosate, which is almost always used in conjunction with GM crops, damages soil ecology.

    The two debaters for the anti side were not very knowledgeable. They might have chosen much better for the panel such as the following:
    * Dr Theirry Vrain, a former pro-GMO scientist, retired
    * Dr. Don Huber, retired plant pathologist
    * Dr Arpad Pusztai, a world renowned expert on food safety; retired

    You can listen to those 3 experts right here on YouTube.

  12. 49:30 The biological basis that makes potentially unsafe the stacking multiple "safe" genes is the same for principle taught in basic biology of emergent properties/behaviors when stacking up different levels of organization such as tissues and organs. Biology often doesn't work like math.

  13. 'Read It till the end'
    “In order to stabilize world population, we must eliminate 350,000 people per day.” – Jacques Coustea.
    Illuminati elites are doing Global Depopulation Slow Killing for years ..The full-spectrum global attack on human health is quite obvious to see for anyone who is paying attention and in search of wellness. So many of the factors that are negatively influencing public heath could easily be prevented or removed from society, yet the decisions of the ruling class continue to ensure that our food supply is toxic, that our environment is compromised, and that our exposure to chemicals and industrial waste is total. The synthetic chemicals we encounter on a daily basis in our food, water, and environment are increasingly shown to be disastrous to our physical and mental well-being.. More than 4,400 people die each day in China due to poisonous air Pollution and that's more than the number of people died in 9/11. Currently, 7.6 million people die from cancer worldwide every year, out of which, 4 million people die prematurely (aged 30 to 69 years). In 2016 alone, an estimated 1,685,210 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in the United States and 595,690 people will die from the disease. CVDs are the number 1 cause of death globally: more people die annually from CVDs than from any other cause. An estimated 17.5 million people died from CVDs in 2012, representing 31% of all global deaths. Of these deaths, an estimated 7.4 million were due to coronary heart disease and 6.7 million were due to stroke
    Our world simply does not have to be poisoned with chemtrails, radiation leaks, GMO’s, electro-magnetic pollution, frack wells, fluoride, mercury, vaccine adjuvants, depleted uranium, oil spills, antibiotics, endocrine disrupting chemicals, toxic food additives, agro-chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and so much more. The aggregated, generations long effect of such total contamination is the explosion of a host of bizarre and life-altering illnesses and ‘conditions,’ that chronically sap our energy and vitality, slowly debilitating us, separating us from our power and putting us into the doctor’s office.

  14. There is a joke about scientists where geneticians fit very well.A scientist got a flea and decided to study its audioception.He took the flee and told it " jump" . the flee jumped 2 yards and the scientist noted that the flee hears very well.Then he decided to cut a leg and repeat the experiment. The flee jumped only one yard. The scientist decvided that without a keg the flee doiesnt hear that well. Then he cut the other leg. No matter how hard he cried "jump" the flee did not jump!.The conclusion was obvious, without legs the flee is deaf.

  15. Geneticians dont really know what they are doing. The mad cow disease is caused by a protein which the cells confuse it with the good one. Only the living cells make proteins in the nature. Did it come from a genetically modified organism or from a mutated organism? Cant be proved anything but It clearly shows one of the possible dangers. Such a protein is assimilated and the cell that uses it as a building block dies. Then ithe cell it is decomposed in parts and the wrong protein is confused again with the good one, reused, and that cell dies…and so on util the creature dies. By US standards for genetically modified foods those two proteins are identical.I was an atheist but thanks be to God I started to search for the truth, which is impossible to be found through a theory wich is considered true but at the same time one has to admit it will have to be changed in the future. We, the creastionists (I am catholic) believe the Genesis, we do not fully understand "how" for now. We converge toward what it is written in the bible, atheism converge to nothing by going from an error into another, as they admit it the changes of the Evol Theory. We the creationists believe Jesus, who is living truth, and proven, atheist believe all sort of stories written on behalf some bones while they admit they will have different ones in the future. Wake up guys!!!

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