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Do It Yourself In-Line CO2 Reactor for a Planted Aquarium – Viral Trends

Do It Yourself In-Line CO2 Reactor for a Planted Aquarium

How to Make a DIY Do It Yourself plans for a In Line CO2 Carbon dioxide reactor for a planted fresh water aquarium.


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Comments 32

  1. Thanks for the video. There seems to be some confusion on a couple of design characteristics. It would be very helpful if you could clarify for others that want to build one.
    1. Which side of the filter is this located? Intake side, or outflow side?
    2. Which way does the water flow through the reactor, downwards or upwards?

  2. Thanks for posting this very helpful video.  Can you tell me where you found the black compression fitting and the Co2 bib?  Is there a reason for using the clear piece rather than another piece of PVC?

  3. Holy hell! 68k views?! Sorry y'all for not responding to your comments but honestly I just posted the vid for the hell of it and had no clue it'd be worthwhile to anyone! Thanks for all your likes and comments, I will try to check here more often and respond to any new comments!

  4. Hi Start,
    I love the design you came up with, as I'm looking to create the same type of in-line system for my 210 Gallon tanks…One question, though.  As far as I can tell, you have the reactor on the intake side of your filter.  Wouldn't that charge the filter with CO2 and harm the biological filtration portion of your filter?  If you had it on the Outflow side of your filter, the CO2 and water would co-mingle in the reactor and then go directly into the tank.

    Otherwise, fantastic build.  Looking forward to seeing your other videos.

  5. Would you please mention the brand of gravel vacuum you used.  I had a lot of trouble finding one with the correct diameter to fit any pipes.  The few I have tried are all somewhere in between the pipe sizes and will not make a good fit.

  6. Looks to me that you can see the outflow going to the bottom of the reactor at 5:55.  Not sure what the benefits would be of flipping it. as then you could potentially have CO2 back flow into your filter pump, screwing up the suction and messing the whole works.

  7. Awesome solution….  Seems like this is really scalable, too.  You could use different size vacuum tubes and pvc fittings.  Really nice…  Wondering about the PVC glue though.  Any chance of toxicity to the fish?  Seens like Teflon tape and aquarium sealer might be a safer choice?  Thoughts on that?

  8. Great idea! I have been using several different types of inline diffusers and this is the best idea I have seen, and obviously it works great since the plants in the tank look outstanding. I am terrible with mechanics but my Son promises me he can build this, so I am going to give it a try. Thanks.

  9. Thanks for the nice video. Presumably the water inlet is at the top and exits from the bottom, so I'm curious why you put the CO2 inlet at the very bottom where it could possibly get caught in the water current and flow straight out? Obviously you could just flip it 180 and problem solved, but just curious why you'd done it the way you have?

  10. Great vid, finally someone with a reactor design that's not made for some rinky dink yeast hack job. This will go great into my 200L sump for my 900L planted.

    Great design with no bio balls or fishing line needed (Sign of a badly designed reactor to small for the job.. like most commercial reactors.)

  11. You can get plastic NPT to barb fittings at Home Depot or Lowes in the plumbing section. I'm going to use a 1/4" NPT to 1/4" tube compression fitting in plastic for my project.

  12. Great video. I've been planning on a DIY reactor for a while now (still not sold on the "look" of atomizers) and could not come up with a solid idea for a clear tube, short of ordering rather pricey clear PVC pipe.

    As a tip, consider stuffing the tube full of bio balls. This helps dissolve the CO2 even better into the water stream and gives some additional media for beneficial bacteria to grow on. Can never have to much bio media!

  13. Great video man. Really good editing, you took some time on this I can tell. What video software are you using? Looks great I am going to Lowe's to buy this, I was looking at similar items the other day. I am building a new tank and really want a reactor. subbed!

  14. I can be wrong but he has his CO2 inlet on the bottom… that tells me it is flowing upward on the reactor. If he has it flowing downward, then the reactor would be useless as it would go directly through the tubing and to the tank. Can somebody confirm?

  15. hi! i'm planning to make one like this. but i'm wondering about the brass fitting, brass is made of copper right? and copper is toxic to fishes, invertebrates and in high concentrations aquatic plants. i wonder if theres a plastic or pvc fitting for the co2 line. anyways great job. one suggestion though this should be attached to the outlet line of the filter and filled with bio-balls, and also should be resealable for cleaning. just my two cents, but over all great job!!

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