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Dennis Prager’s Top 10 Ways Liberalism Makes America Worse – Viral Trends
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  1. Dennis, I listen to you on the radio, and I have to weigh in: Ideologues of the right are no better than ideologues of the left. Every day you spew your Judaeo Christian, right wing, sanctimonious ideology, which you tend to validate based on the Bible. It's just as closed loop, predictable, and prejudiced as the ideologues of the left. You do just the same thing they do: The Big Three- Shames, Blames, and Calling Names. Only you think you have God on your side, and we all know the outcome of that sort of thinking…

  2. Top 10 ways conservativism makes America worse:
    #1: The painting of liberals as a threat that must be vanquished, through the use of propaganda with titles like "Dennis Prager's Top 10 Ways Liberalism Makes America Worse". And you wonder how we ended up with a President Trump…

  3. Humans in General are one mess up creatures…..we are never satisfied and always looking for all sorts of crap to beat one another in getting ahead in Life : Good Luck to Everyone, Wish You All the Best…….peace

  4. Great presentation. One addition. The left is now moving to hate equality. Because they realize that true equality doesn’t feel good. Now they reject equality and favor “equity” where they imagine a utopia where no one excels… because someone would feel bad. Ironically this requires them to deny that we each are unique and with dignity simply because we are Gods creation.

  5. These Democrat Socialists are trying to assimilate the masses under their doctrine, if people
    try to speak at Marxist controlled Universities then their ANTIFA/Feminist arm uses violence to
    stop any form of debate,…that is the opposite of free speech and is the same as the propaganda
    that the Marxist controlled Media & Hollywood push.
    Just like the producers of Star Trek saying that the Klingons represent Trump & Christians and
    that anyone that doesn't agree with them are deplorables, sexists, racists, bigots & whatever
    other term they can dredge up to stop all resistance,….just like the Borg they wish to assimilate
    you into Marxism using lies.

  6. The big government state of the eu are criminals      GO PRESIDENT TRUMP     REPSPECT FROM A FREE INDEPENDENT UK        THANKYOU FOR YOUR TRUTH HONESTY AND TRANSPARENCY.     FUCKTHE eu parasite government in Brussels BREXIT MEANS BREXIT OR ELSE!


  8. General & President, Dwight D. Eisenhower;
    "We must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex."

    "If you want total security, go to prison. There you're fed, clothed, given medical care and so on. The only thing lacking… is freedom."

    "Farming looks mighty easy when your plow is a pencil and you're a thousand miles from the corn field."
    Warrantless spending on Crony-Capitalism because of Lobbyists and Corporate Influences into an election to buy off political puppet prostitute whores, or the criminal mind uses blackmail as an enforcement arm without a shot fired. $800 Million per year for all Intelligence Black Budgeted Items that are highly redacted. $400 Million per year on unnecessary defense items that are much more than a Slush Fund redundancy.
    While those funds get Criminally Stolen from We the People via Social Security.
    Funding of Luxury Cadillac Health Insurance Plans for Congress but the Conservative Right and Liberal Left bitches about shrinking Medicare and Medicade that We the People paid for.
    The first three letters of Congress are the modern meaning. CONS, Conartist. While Enlisted Ranks in the Military struggle to get much needed health care, their Generals get to make $Six Figures in speaking fees at Crony-Capitalism Events of the Military Intelligence Complex but a Seargent that has done 7 Battlefield Tours only gets paid $40,000.00 and has to fight through Government Red Bureaucratic Red Tape to get VA Healthcare.

  9. henrik grubelnik
    1 second ago

  10. There is another way: I live in Canada and enjoy universal health care. It came in just before I started grade one. My oldest brother had been sick since birth and had an operation done, by a resident in training (because we could not afford it) and may have had his liver damaged during the surgery because he ended up with life-long liver problems and died at thirty after more than twenty major surgeries in his lifetime. The operation he had as a baby was also a first for Canada though it's common now (and relatively simple as opening a baby's belly can be).

    Had it not been for medicare I would have had zero opportunity in my life because we were already poor, this would have left us destitute and perhaps would have divided the family because the church we belonged to (Catholic) made many such arrangements in the community for families who simply couldn't cope – and many families were successfully re-united when the parents got through whatever difficulty they were having.

    I'm saying there's a floor that is reasonable. I agree with the points our friend is making here but I do not agree that universal social programs are always and everywhere bad for a nation. What is bad is the ever creeping need to add more and more to the pile.

    I think the following is reasonable (and giving the upcoming robot revolution, this may be the only way to prevent real revolution).

    First: Everyone gets acceptable health care including all critical or urgent surgeries. NO lifestyle surgeries are paid for, that includes tattoo removal, fixing split lips because the chunk of metal was too big, or having one's ear ripped off because the tow-hook I installed through the top and bottom of the ear got caught in my neighbour's John Deere's PTO shaft. None, no fixing perfectly good genitals. If a child is born with dualmorphism a simple test will determine the biological sex. If surgery is performed at all it should be only to remove the organ not coded for in every cell in the body (even those which make up the extra parts).

    Other than that, the person should, as an adult, have the option of selecting either one on the public dime. Other than that, none.

    In Canada we've only begun covering prescriptions (though seniors and poor have always had) and sometimes we add expensive drugs to the list. I would have no problem with a cap above which the public pics up the dime (after all, it's just another form of mutualism which we'd have if everyone relied on insurance for same) which is based on a percentage of one's income, but I'm not really stuck on one side of that or the other.

    Where I find things outrageous is quotas. My Irish ancestors living the US had an average life expectancy of 17 years while slaves had an average of 42 years. Few, if any Irish, at that time could read or write, few could tell you their birthday, in Ireland they may have eaten potatoes and fish, only, for several years before emigrating, virtually none of them looked through a glass window or slept on a mattress. It was considered a social faut-pas for a slave owner to not provide a real mattress, have heated wooden cabins with glass windows, and provide the slaves with a variety of food with meat at least four times per week. This is all part of the written record, I'm sure there were slaves treated worse, and I'm sure there were slaves treated better. But, when they were digging canals in Louisiana they got the Irish because they were expendable, it was too dangerous to have valuable slaves do that work.

    Only after the emancipation proclamation did the average Irish earn more (have higher standard of living) than the average black. Then, only when minimum wage was brought in, did the Irish have higher incomes than blacks.

    So, why should someone look at me and tell me I have white privilege? Why should my son or daughter be bumped from a college for the great great great granddaughter of a slave? My other people are the Acadian, perhaps the only people ever to inhabit this land treated worse than the Irish once here. Why don't I, a 50/50 Irish Acadian (Cajun), have an affirmative action program? And who double-speaked racial discrimination into something affirmative and active?

    I agree with Shapiro on this, I think there is such a thing as a rational liberal (I would like to see a guaranteed annual income to help from having robot riots when even the planting and dentistry is done by robots — family doctors don't have more than a decade left in their run…, etc…. there's HUGE unemployment coming), but I don't think there's such a thing as a rational leftist. And I don't think there's a rational talking head on Fox.

  11. One reason that boys no longer dream of supporting families is that few jobs will pay a sufficient wage to support a family. I am old enough to have watched that dream die….I was an eight year old boy at the time, and I did not understand what was happening until I was married and trying to support a wife.

    It outrages me that both parents have to work or else live in a high crime environment.

    Wage suppression is a factor, but I thought, "I would gladly accept a smaller house. So why don't I?" Then I remembered the crime factor. It could be that the social fabric of America is more damaged than we realize and that we paper over it by getting two incomes and moving away from the moral failure.

  12. Did Prager fight in Vietnam? He's of age. He talks so much about that good ol American, John Wayne Bravado – just assume that he volunteered for the war and went over there to fight evil like a real American.

    Turns out he dodged the draft.

  13. Rebuttals:
    Actually, government is the solution to the failures and inherent limitations of the private sector. Right-wing or "conservative" economic policies – ARE THE PROBLEM.
    1) The Smaller the State, The Bigger the Corruption and Violence. (Mexico, Somalia, etc.)
    The Right in this country wants to be Mexico. Liberals want the economic stability the US had circa 1948 – 1978.
    2) Conservatives and greed broke California. Low wages from Mexican labor and Walmart, amnesty from Reagan, Prop. 13 causing revenue deficits, and unfettered real estate land grabs -aka "house flipping".

  14. Do keep up, Prager. The US government took over, because the private has sector has failed to produce reasonable wages and housing prices since the 1970's. The private sector is really good at creating hyper-inequality and crashing the stock markets though. The most progressive and popular Presidents in US History – FDR, LBJ, Obama had to come along to fix the catastrophic economic messes "conservatives" left behind, while living it up. Henry Ford was smart to pay his workers liberally and he was rewarded in kind. Now, the goal of business has been perverted to be as greedy and profit-driven as possible. Sorry, Dennis. Greed kills, It doesn't pay bills…

  15. You know what yeah liberalism is f*** and yeah you can't bring people up out of a systemically violent system you know by doing everything for them and supporting corporate agenda over the people that needs to be a Level Playing Field for all beginning from birth or it's no f**** dice this puppet f**** b***** represented democracy and hierarchies of all types that assume they're better than everybody else you know what the f*** you and f*** your class Warfare being able to buy war and being able to buy violence good for you you f**** s*** it's I'd choose to contribute nothing to you

  16. I can see how staying on your parents insurance for a little longer could be a helpful thing. It would give the young adults the chance to save money and also allow them extra time to look into healthcare. But I also see the downside to that as well.

  17. In short, the publicmoney addictives trying to enslave the hardworking conservative to pay (through law) for they're self invented publicmoney funded fantasy jobs. They invent "problems" on the spot and big politics is giving them tsunami's of dubsidizing with otherpeoples tax-robbed money……liberals "lean" SO hard on the real workers in the real economy who makes the only real money, that the payers are going to defend themselves against socialist robbers and parasites.
    "Trump" is an automatic generated defense movement and not one minute too soon….
    Get those liberals democrats to peoples tribunals and hang a few….for grand treason, systematic robbery and identity-sellout's of the nation without contributing one little bit tho the same nation.

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