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Bad Weather Photography in Iceland | Iceland Photography Tour Day 6 – Viral Trends

Bad Weather Photography in Iceland | Iceland Photography Tour Day 6

Bad weather photography was the name of the photo vlog today in Iceland.
Check out my Iceland photography on IG at @brendanvanson.
Bad weather hit us hard last night here in Iceland and it stuck around until the morning. Unfortunately, we were hammered by heavy winds and rain. So, we took a bit of a late start leaving this morning.
Truth is, bad weather photography in Iceland, and basically anywhere, can actually be really cool. Angry clouds, and soft light can actually make for some of the best photography ops there are. So, we headed to a glacier lagoon in Iceland to try to get some shots. And, thankfully, the bad weather kind of let off… for a bit.
Photography in Iceland is funny. One minute it’s sunny, and the next minute you’re getting crushed by rain and wind. And the glacier, things seems great for a bit – the sun was out, and there was a nice bit of light. Then, out of nowhere, the winds picked up and hit us hard. At one point, they were howling so hard off the glacier that little bits of Ice were being tossed at me.
Half of our Iceland photography workshop group decided to push through the bad weather anyways. We headed to the famous glacier lagoon in Iceland, but again were just pummeled by bad weather. So, we changed plans and headed to Svartifoss.
Svartifoss is a really cool waterfall in Iceland. There are these beautiful rock formations around the waterfall, and it makes for a really good photo location.
The Photography tour group was really happy with the location, and even though the light wasn’t perfect, we had fun.
Tomorrow, our photo tour in Iceland continues again as we make another attempt at the Glacier Lagoon.
We’re coming up on our last photography vlog episodes from here in Iceland.


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Comments 26

  1. I enjoyed hearing your attempts at those Icelandic words! If I get a chance to visit Iceland, I'm sure I'll be vlogging the trip, and I'll also be struggling with the pronunciations, lol! I'm glad to see the workshop went well even with the weather not being the greatest on some days!

  2. Loving these Iceland vlogs Brendan, such an amazing country. And oh my god the weather is just crazy! And such drama ( your hat was nearly lost ??) Love that the boneheads- as you put it -pushed on through wild weather to that awesome waterfall. Looking forward to tomorrow's vlog from the ice lagoon…..

  3. I've never been to Iceland, but it's on my bucket list. I've got an acquaintance in Reykjavik named Julius Valsson. If you get a chance to look him up, he's a pretty good photographer. Let him know that John Wilkinson sends his greetings!

    Love your videos!

  4. I lived in Iceland from 1999 to 2002. These videos are making me miss Iceland so much. As for the wind, it can get even worse. When I arrived I was warned to keep a tight grip on children as they can easily blow away and end up in front of cars during really strong storms. Also, never park near a trash dumpster as they can be picked up and dropped on your car by the wind. Good times.

  5. That funny looking icelandic rune "Þ" is actually pronounced "th" so Þor would be pronounced Thor, its confusing as hell and it still trips me up lol iceland though, what a magical place, even waterfalls go against the grain =D Brendan you are quickly becoming one of my fav youtube photographers, nothing seems to piss you off, you have such a positive outlook, your cup is always half full and i adore that! Keep up the good work, cant wait to see more of iceland from you, ill be visiting this time next year if all goes to plan!

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