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German Food & What You Should Eat in Germany – Viral Trends

German Food & What You Should Eat in Germany

Heading to Deutschland/Germany & Wondering What Wonderful Food You Will Be Eating There? Well, Now you can know some of our favorite German foods, …


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  1. Your definitely missing out on north Germany. Like, the real north, schleswig Holstein. Get a Fischbrötchen, Bauernfrühstück or just Nordseekrabben. Your really missing out on something, not only in food but also in nature. Dont go to the Baltic sea, the north sea is better. There you also have the Watt where you can walk for miles into the sea when the tide is low

  2. I am German descent and now I know why I crave sausages, mustards, and cabbage and kraut. I have been making schnitzel for years and didn't even know it was called schnitzel. Genetics? Loved your show.

  3. I love your vids cause im from germany and in this crazy times the most people who lives in this beautiful country dont knows what they got here. Its not only the thing with the dishes i guess you like germany and this is a kind of a new perspective to think about how good we can live here! Thx man all the best for you and your family

  4. Real german here – Some details for you.
    First: Curry-ketchup is not what they put on a currywurst. If they do, I was at their shop for the last time. They use a sauce based on tomatoes, but also some other sauces, that is less sweet then ketchup. The curry goes on top as powder and is not in the sauce.

    Wiener Schnitzel has to be veal/calf. If it is pork, it has to be called "Schweineschnitzel Wiener Art" ("Schnitzel vienna style). I've never seen or heard of Schnitzel made from chicken. Disgusting.

    Wirsing is a type of cabbage, not a dish, this type of cabbage may be served pureed or in chunks, might even be in a salad.

    The standard options of Döner Kebap sauces are hot/spicy, garlic or herbs, I have never seen a döner kebap that offered curry sauce.

    Hope this helps.

  5. Hi Walter love your videos. I am going to berlin for new year this year and was wondering if you could tell me the names of any towns sort of close to berlin like Bramberg to go to for a day out preferably by train, thank you.

  6. came around by accident and couldn`t stop grinning. I absolutely appreciate these vids, always interesting to see the opinions and impressions people have that were not born here.

  7. If you travel to Frankfurt, be sure to try "Haandkas mit music". This is a cheese dish with pickled onions on it, and it is quite delicious. Might sound odd, but it's also addicting. It is only done in that region.

  8. May I just add a little bit of information?
    Currywurst is very popular in North Rhine Westfalia (not at all in Bavaria, but it's slowly coming), some even argue it comes from there and not Berlin, and they are actually different kinds of sausages (I much prefer the one in NRW).
    Pity that you concentrate so much on meats (especially in Bavaria). Are you at all aware that usually it's typical in Germany to eat meat only on Sundays (Sonntagsbraten). The dessert dumplings are not really dumplings it's yeast base, a totally different kind of dough. Spätzle are NOT potato based, I think you might have confused these with Schupfnudeln? They can be served with Sauerkraut or in a sweet variation with cinnamon and sugar and applesauce (my favourite). Spätzle are especially famous as "Allgäuer Kaasspatzn", you have to try it).
    Schwarzwälder Torte really has always been all over Germany, and not just now. But really typical for Germany are apple pie, cherry pie, "Bienenstich" (bee sting cake – sounds repulsive, but it's actually extremely delicious) and of course cheesecake.
    To me it looks like what you are showing are not Krapfen, they are most likely Quarkbällchen and we don't say Döner kebab, we only call it Döner (it's turkish, but now pretty much established as a street food in Germany).

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