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Could this Robot Chef Change the Future Of Cooking? | WIRED – Viral Trends

Could this Robot Chef Change the Future Of Cooking? | WIRED

Like John Torode and Gregg Wallace at the end of an invention test, Moley Robotics wants you to stop cooking. The UK company has unveiled what it claims is …


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  1. I spend so much time cooking everyday. We are a family of Celiacs, so I have to make 3 meals a day from scratch. This would be a lifesaver. If I had the extra money and a better house, this would be an investment I would be willing to do just for the extra time I would have everyday.

  2. this is really like letting a modern robot learn how to weld frames in a car factory. ad in some machine learning and you are in business…. the demographic implosion in the western world is pure evolution. idealy western populations will then level out and stay at a healthy low of aprx 60% of today. because the more people there are, unable to work because of gains in efficiency of business-processes like these here, the more you would have to tax the businesses to pay for a universal income of everyone. now think of immigration of stoneage-culture type ppl like in europe right now…. these economys will be crushed in the next 30 years by the overwhelming costs to keep the population from killing each other, for a big enough income that these nations are now unable to provide, due to all the dead weight, PLUS all the retired bio-native population.
    yup it's a trap, and many western civilizations might get caught in this. This is no conspiracy or stuff, it's simple math….. so remember this when shtf guys.

  3. Buys robot chef
    Stands behind it
    Robots turns around with knife
    Gets stabbed
    Law of robotics broke
    Robot gets arrested
    Robot become stronger
    Robot kills more
    Robot put to execution
    Robot gets book made about it
    Wake up in hospital
    Find out robot was killed
    Gets royalty check
    Instant millionaire

  4. I cannot wait until these types of machines are generally available. I know a lot of people like to cook for fun, but it's an activity that has never engaged me. I can't stand the tedium of having to chop up meat and vegetables, and all the waiting around and having to do certain things at the right times. I also have a very busy job, and when I come in from a long day, most of the time I just cannot be bothered with cooking.

    I would love to get those hours of my life back that I otherwise spent cooking, doing things that I actually enjoy.

  5. Is this thing going to take over our world or what? I can see this streamlining nearly ALL eating.. I mean, why would you hire a few paid chefs in a kitchen when you can just purchase one of these and have a machine cook for an entire restaurant, hell the entire world. This robot, this is the future. Only wish I actually had some money so I could invest you know :/

  6. It dosen't need to be fast. I don't mind it being even slower than human. Imagine this. You're at work and you're getting off in 30 mins and you use your smart phone to tell your kitchen robot to prepare you dinner. When you get home its done!
    Or you watch movie in living room and the thing cooks for you
    Briliant !

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