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Steve Jobs Unveils The Original iPhone – Macworld San Francisco 2007 – Viral Trends

Steve Jobs Unveils The Original iPhone – Macworld San Francisco 2007

This is one of the greatest and most memorable moments of Apple Inc. and Steve Jobs’ life. It’s amazing how phones were revolutionized to smart computers in …


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  1. The touch screen scrolling existed already as well as touch screen since 2003, created by Fujitsu-Siemens, on their thin laptop. first computer with touch screen, a whole serie, who came out in 2003, and with reversible screen, where you could turn over the screen and put it on the table and detach it from the keyboard part, and only use the touch screen, with stylet to draw on the screen precisely as well as touching the screen with the fingers scrolling, moving images, and zooming on text and photos using 2 fingers..

    Exactly as steve job show it here on his presentation of iphone ..

    He did not discovered anything,

    He just used existing knowledge and techniques not discovered by him.

    In short he stole from everybody.

    The touch screen on phone size was made possible by technologies for screen independently of iphone company, where ld screen components were made smaller and smaller, as well as number of DPI and pixels per mm, so its all existing tech that he just bought and put on the iphone..

    He patented things that were the property of another, simply by putting it in a smaller interface as a smartphone dimension.

    Its like the ipod wheel who was an invention of phillips and used on their stereo devices as CD players and radio and tapes recorders. and as well as Siri who was created by philips in 1996 and used on their cellphones from 1997, where you talk to the phone to send commandos, and to call someone, no touch of screen or button you said the name of the person you wish to call and it call the person also for number abroad which saved a lot of time. and it recognised your voice, and you locked and unlock the phone with voice so its not a iphone invention at all its just a PR stunt that so many ignorant people fall for, and journalist are easily fooled by, but who had nothing to do with reality.

    The sad part is when so call experts in high tech join the party and celebrated this asd unique when they should have known that the tech was already there and had been discovered a long while ago.
    Fujitsu siemens nor phillips made that kind of pr stunt with their products and that's what most people did not hear of it.
    Fujitsu siemens company didn't exist anymore at that time the iphone was launched and maybe that's what steve job was waiting for to can launch his iphone.

    What does he present? good mp, not his discovery, calls tech not his discovery, and like that all along also with apps, not his table either.
    He just show it on the screen of the iphone and all go AAAAHHHH OOOOHHHHH.
    its all a bluff for 2 hours.
    staged and bluffed and it work even now, as i can see by the comments here.

    90% of the tech in al iphones since 2009 is made and created by Samsung.. that iphone pay to develop it.

    All design is made in france in apple center in paris, like it was for his apple computers since years, and where

    Siri was bought from philips and was further developed for iphone.

    Touch screen was there, scrolling up and down was there, with a mouse and the led sensors for screen, made by fujitsu siemens, who made possible to scroll with a finger, thanks to siemens screen sensors, all other features existed already since years.

    Like the camera. He makes it a unique premiere, but.. other phones models had a cam and since a long time! he make a huge thing out of that the iphone cam is of 2 MP, but.. Sony Ericsson had made an smartphone in 2003, who was extremely small and same thickness as this iphone from 2007, and who took photos with a cam of 3 MP already !
    Extremely sharp photos, better than average digital camera, and than this iphone could, and who also could take photos by night and when there was not so much light which the iphone couldn't!!

    so it was not advanced tech, nor discoveries, nor unique, it was a retrograding of existing tech presented on a stunt show and people were all fooled!

    All what that show is about is showing photos and scrolling on a screen. and that's it.-
    technologies who already existed. the advance of tech making it possible to have more data in a smaller space and to can have a small screen, were made by other companies than apple, as they developed components and technologies who were smaller and smaller while more and more effective and with a higher capacity, like the USB key data storage capacity that was going really fast forward at that time.

    Steve was an actor and a thieve, and that's all there is to it.<
    The rest is a myth created by steve himself and kept alive by people like you.
    blinded by your desire to have someone to admire.
    its all an illusion.

    Using a touch screen fujitsu siemens since years when this came out, and owning a sony ericsson with cam and internet connection since 2003 when that thing came out, i was astonished by the way it was received and described as completely new tech and unique discoveries, when it was not!

    Software for smartphones, Apps, existed already as well, developed by small companies. they were already in use on gaming platforms since a while before that iphone came out
    So all his stunt is based on borrowed feather and there is only one feather left for steve job and that is to have combined them in one, which already existed as well,, so what's left?
    To have equipped a cell phone with a bigger screen that took the whole surface of the phone, in short to have taken the step to equip smartphone with a touch screen, as it already existed for laptops since 4 years before the launching of iphone 1.

    The PC mouse was Xerox invention,
    the touch screen was siemens,
    Talking/voice interaction with the device was a Philip's invention,
    The wheel for ipod was philips invention,
    And the design of white smartphone was sony ericsson,
    The camera on phone was also a sony ericsson invention from years 2003,
    as well as the metal line around the phone, used as an internal antenna. That was a technology who existed already on that sony ericsson i have, already in the year 2003, that steve copied in 2008 when he came out with his iphone 2.

    And ambient sensors and movement sensors were developed by companies making light, were the light is on when there is movement in a room, and the next lights on as you approach the zone ,as it already existed in long corridors and in gardens,. its temperature and movement sensors, not proximity sensors as steve call them, he just call it that to impress and hide their true origin, and the fact that there is nothing he created himself.,nor thought of himself.

    Its just to make a list of what you want or wish to have on a smartphone and see what technology already exist that permit you to do that, and put it together in one device and to can do so, looking at what other devices already have it as an integrated part of their system. and copy their prices. And that's it. So not much innovation in this.
    He could simply have say it as it was but if he had done so, nobody will have admired him and not so many will have wanted his phone, or maybe they will but steve will not have get so much kudos for it and fake title as being sooo much innovative and breaking ground with this..

    He is just a liar and an actor, and a very arrogant little shit. with all respect for his work, he was far too arrogant to tell the truth. Like the fact that it is bill gates , age 16 at that time, who made all the software and Operating system of steve jobs and wozniak first computer, with vozniak doing all the hardware part.

    Steve didn't knew shit on computer, he had a degree in business and in design and that was it.
    And he should also have a degree in cheating, lying, stealing, and blaming others who had actually helped him and accusing people from whom he had stole tech from, to have stolen his!! as he did to microsoft, but also to samsung!!!! which was really unreal!

    He put hundreds and thousands of patents on technology he had not made but that he had bought from samsung!! and philips and siemens!! and this is the side of the story you never hear anywhere, maybe because it's a million dollars business and companies selling iphones are a several billions dollars business so they don't want negative publicity on their most expensive smartphone on the marked,

    As for the price, that iphone costed between 1.200 and 2.000 dollars in europe, denmark and scandinavia and France, when it came out, and it hasn't changed since. The cheapest being 900 dollars today.

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