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Football News – Robben Retirement, Messi Hat Trick, USA World Cup Failure, Ballon D’OR – Viral Trends

Football News – Robben Retirement, Messi Hat Trick, USA World Cup Failure, Ballon D’OR

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  1. Brazil will win the world cup this time i think because Neymar will develop and become better and that will help them the final i would love to see is Brazil vs Argentina just because its Neymar vs messi it would be exciting but then again the messi fan boys would come out of their caves and brag messi will never be the goat unless he helps Argentina win a world cup or copa america

  2. You said history repeats itself….watch Italy. Italy makes the world cup final every 12 years since 1970. They only do well when the competition is in Europe. And the past two world cups they have won was when the country was in doubt. Watch the Italians even if they have not qualified yet.

  3. Dis madafaka…… Lewandowski in the span of two games becomes Poland's all-time great, sets the WCQ goal record in qualifying, gets a college degree a day after qualifying his country for Russia and you're talking about U.S. soccer? FUCK U.S. soccer. You're as whack as ESPNFC.

  4. LOL I see you HH. You must have flipped out with the Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake halftime show. And i agree Superbowl is overrated. As a late 80s kid i always prefered the NBA finals, the World Cup and the Olympics as the big 3 sporting events in the world with Champions League, Superbowl, World Series and Euros being slightly behind IMO.

  5. People are forgetting CRISTIANO RONALDO scored a hat trick (3 goals) in the 2nd leg tie of that PLAYOFF WITH SWEDEN in Sweden to match Ibra's brace and CRISTIANO RONALDO also had scored the lone goal in the 1st leg tie in Portugal so basically he scored 4 goals in 2 matches vs a Swedish team that IMO was far better than this Ecuador B team.

  6. Thank you HH for keeping it real about the whole Messi and Argentina thing. Also what if Brazil or Germany win the world cup. Do Marcelo, Kroos or Neymar get in the Horsemen conversation??????? especially if Madrid or PSG win the UCL this season?

  7. Argentina vs Portugal would be a crap match guys. The hype would be Ronaldo vs Messi but barring 1-2 players like Bernardo Silva, Andre Silva, Pepe, William Carvalho, Di Maria and Aguero there are a lot of bricks in those teams. Best final would be Spain, Brazil, Germany or France against each other whatever combination of that will do as a WC final IMO. The 1 thing that may elevate Argentina is Messi brilliance while Portugal have a great system, coach and goalscorer in Ronaldo so they may make it to the final but i highly doubt they would be able to overcome teams of higher caliber on all lines plus superior coaching especially Brazil, Germany, Spain and even France, Italy or even Belgium. DREAM SEMI IMO would be Portugal vs Brazil and Germany vs Spain. Other quarterfinalists i would like to see make it would be Belgium Italy Argentina and Nigeria

  8. Double H, as an American who loves football it’s an issue that’s been bothering me for a while. It’s not that the US doesn’t have talent or passion for the game, it’s that nobody’s coming to see us play. I come from a very multicultural community (I’m the son of an immigrant as well) and the talent and passion is 100% here. There’s just no scouts coming to our neighborhoods. The scouts only go to the rich kids that can afford the ridiculous fees that’s necessary to actually have a shot to play in the youth system with legit youth clubs. The kids with the talent and passion are usually the poor kids and if they can’t afford to pay between $500 and $2,500 to play where the scouts are looking they get left behind. It’s been happening for years. I grew up with kids who could’ve been and should’ve been on that US team but because they can’t afford to pay to sign up for the US Developmental Program they get stuck playing for tiny teams that scouts would never come see play. The US Federation thinks pumping millions into new facilities and equipment will make us better when it won’t. What’s the point of wasting money on top level training centers when they aren’t picking the right kids to be there? It’s sad but I guess that’s the way life as an aspiring footballer works in America works. Be rich or get left at home.

  9. Also you need to hop off Robben's dick. World Class player on his day, but it's his responsibility that Netherlands haven't won a title. He is like, Messi, a paraneal choker. And Dutch team is not as bad as bulgaria, or luxemburg, or sweden. Look at Salah, carrying Egypt, against teams like Ghana, Cameroon playing with real Road men. Robben couldn't score against Bulgaria?

  10. People are overrating Germany, they havent replaced Lahm or Swein, Muller is not what he used to be, Neuer is solid but I dont think he will be as good as he was in 2014. That backline is suspect imo. Germany do have a dangerous attack. I dont know I just dont see them winning a world cup back to back. They'd prolly make quaters and semis I dont see them going to the final. France and Brazil Look solid, I tip them to be in the final. If Messi is in form, never count out Argentina. Dream Final would for me is Argentina vs Portugal, but realistically France or Brazil will probably take it all.

  11. Simple Question?…why do people call CR7 the GOAT without a World Cup?
    Why should Cristiano win Ballon Dor…Messi has been far far superior than him the Calender Year..its not even close

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