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Food That Kills – Full Presentation – Viral Trends

Food That Kills – Full Presentation

Presented by: Dr. Michael Klaper – 1993 Official Website for Dr. Michael Klaper http://doctorklaper.com/index.html STUDIES: Dietary fat intake and carotid artery …


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  1. Fats are like a double edge sword.. In one edge of the sword raw fats are the most valuable nutrient we can eat.. They supply basic essential fatty acids like omega 3, 6 n 9 to the cells, carry amino acids to the cells and remove waste from the fluid around the cells.. New born babies feed on a high raw fat diet of breast milk and in the 6 mouths of their life they double in weight and triple in 1 yr..
    The other edge of the fatty sword is cook fats or fats heated about 105*F.. These are the fats he is talking about that cause many problems like arteriosclerosis which causes high blood pressure resulting in heart attack and stroke.. Problem with doctors and they are all the same they don't make this distinction between cooked and raw because they think chemically and they have no experience with people who eat raw fat like raw milk, eggs and meat..

  2. It's absolute insanity that we've INCREASED the percentage of antibiotics utilized in "agriculture" since 1993 when we were not only aware of the potential for superbugs but were warned about them and they were already popping up. I am constantly amazed by the stupidity of humans when it comes to what they consider "biological imperatives" (honestly there are so few people these days who believe the evidence that humans are NOT omnivores and think people NEED to eat meat) and increasingly what they "want."

  3. They spent less than 20 hours on actual "nutrition"… all other "medical school" activities include procedure, & execution of paperwork for the insurance companies. In other words, they know NOTHING about nutrition & it's involved in health & wellbeing of the human body. They laugh at the idea of food= health. They are there for the distribution of pills from the pharmaceutical company… that's it! Not "prevention" but "maintenance"….there is no money to be made in "cures but there is MUCH money to be made in "maintenance" of symptoms… u see, controlling symptoms is not getting to the root cause of the issue. Ur diet is at the "Root" of your health problems.. but the Dr's are so Ignorant & turn a blind eye to this problematic issue. They laugh at the possibilities of diet "curing" your health problems? Well what the he'll did humans do prior to the 1900's when "western Medicine"
    Was created… west medicine is good for 1) surgery, 2)stitches 3)gunshot wounds & 3) broken bones… but NOT chronic health issues!! Period!!!

  4. I am 62 and have a chronic neck pain issue after 2 fusions. Going vegan was the best thing I ever did. I eat a low fat, whole foods, plant based diet. My pain level has dropped considerably, and I have a lot more energy. My doctor is quite happy with me, and my blood work is very good. This video confirms everything I have been reading. I have lost 26 pounds since December. My daughter just found out she is pre-diabetic, and has asked me how she can eat better. All I can say to people is, try it! You never know until you try. Suggested reading: The Starch Solution, by Dr. John McDougall. Or check out some of his YouTube videos.

  5. omg… I did a martial art and once an instructor said that in China they had a tradition, they paid a Doctor when they were healthy. if they became ill then they stopped paying. and you reinstated pay when well.If his lost a patient it went against
    I couldn't make sense out of it but now i comprehend,.
    you interviewed (vice versa) the doctor then advised you, you would eat as directed and use the concoction etc, if you fell ill he solved it to prove his worth.

  6. GP's these days should be put in jail for being complete asshole registered drug dealers. Any other industry you'd be shot.

    You know the huge decline in heath has nothing to do with sugar.

  7. I typed in food that. Kills and this right on lecture was what I found. I am forwarding this to my children so they c saga n see what I am talking about.. figure we have only been getting cancer for 75 years and each year the statistics grow unfavorable. Look back know at what man ate before we had modern day b.s.. Do you know who provides the educational materials for you in American public school? The meat and dairy board. I'm done with the animal fat with the exception of butter and only in micro amounts. Someone dies if a heart attack every 30 seconds. As soon as you stop eating this shit life gets better and longer.

  8. While this is an interesting presentation it is dated even for the time it was posted. While I agree Americans are eating too much animal fat however the science for the cause of obesity has changed from 1993. Saturated fat is not the major cause of a fattening of the US. Its is sugar which is in 80% of the food in the middle aisles of the grocery stores. We are eating too much sugar in our diets. There are unhealthy vegans who eat potato chips and drink Cokes. It is true that Americans are not eating enough fruits and vegetables but are ingesting too much sugar in its many forms . This is what is causing the obesity epidemic world-wide.

  9. Food That Kills – Full Presentation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNCGkprGW_o&t=8s and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNCGkprGW_o&t=17s Uploaded on Oct 22, 2011 Presented by: Dr. Michael Klaper 1993. Dr. Neal Barnard, M.D.: Power Foods for the Brain. Published on Oct 15, 2013 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sxtRilvU5s0&t=2735s 38:54 to 42:48 This is DIETARY RECOMMENDATIONS FOR JOHN CASEY AND FOR ALL YOUTUBERS AGAINST HEART ATTACKS AND STROKES AND FOR RECOVERY PURPOSES ALSO.

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