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Art NUDE Photography – Viral Trends
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Comments 46

  1. While I can see why you would want to be wary of the You Tube censors, I don't see how any serious photography site would incur their wrath. There are plenty of "nude" sites that are showing naughty bits and that is only to get traffic/money. Another video came up on the recommended side bar and they incorporate a uploader age-restrict feature. It will not keep those juvenile adults from trolling but they are here commenting anyhow.
    I see you are fans of Edward Weston which is not surprising if one looks through the myriad of poses you have done. The intertwining of limbs to form curves and lines or framing the head with the arms are often seen on this site. Weston liked the curves, lines and shapes in his subjects; whether it was the 1936 Nude (a fave of mine as well) or the Paprika series.
    I've had the opportunity to photograph nude in the sand similar to one of your picks but with Infrared film. Unfortunately it was taken beck before the internet and I have lost touch with the model to update the model release, otherwise I would send you a copy. Has Mark ever done IR or faux digital IR?

  2. Hi Imogen & Mark! I like your tangent down the path of the history of photography and art. I think it's brilliant. I have taken many life drawing classes and many art history classes at university. It's always great fun to see someone else's enthusiasm about a subject that aren't familiar with. Well done.

  3. I'm glad to see that so far this video hasn't been demonitized, since it wasn't age restricted or anything along those lines. I would hope this is because the context in which these pictures were taken was an artisitc one, aswell as the way in which you presented them was done in a non-offenisve way, but knowing Youtube it wouldn't be to crazy to assume that you escaped easily out of this. It's a bit of a gamble these days, especially when you take intro account that even flase flags exist aswell as demonitizing for simple cuss words ( regardless of the context in which those cuss words were said).

    I also think most people who watch your channel do enjoy these kind of videos. It is really nice to se your opinions on all kinds of styles and aspects of photography, especially to beginners or people who just started having an interest in photography.

  4. Bravo, Imogen and Mark.  Love seeing someone valuing things over $.  Also very enjoyable hearing your frank and eloquent discussion of the subject of this video.  Beauty and brains.

  5. It says something about society that you are so scared to see nudity yet everyone sees it every day, assuming you shower every day, no one showers wearing clothes as far as I know. Aside from that it seems that seeing other people nude is strange to many people, especially seeing women nude, since most of the nudes in photos are of women. As a huge opposite to this here in Tokyo, Japan where I live there are many magazines on the stands in convenience stores showing nudity as well as comic books which show female nudity on almost every page. It's quite strange the corners we paint ourselves into as humans.

  6. As someone whose photographic education is mainly from youtube, I find this post academically enriching.. I don't have suggestions about upcoming shows but I intrigued and will be following closely.

  7. Dear Imogen,
    Canny video as always:)
    Yes to more photography books of any kind. Currently on a Jacque Henri Lartigue bent, particularly his colour work:)

    Btw, have you got an ISBN number or a link to either of the 2 books reviewed? Christmas is coming & I would like to add both of those books to my christmas wish list:)


  8. Love the video, as I do all of them, but just wanted to try to clarify something.

    The story of Adam and Eve, I would invite you to look at and study more intently as it is most certainly not exactly a dark section of the Bible since, while they may have sinned, as we all do, the Lord reaches out to them in mercy and calls them back. They try to run away and hide out of shame, but the love of their Creator finds them. Cf. Genesis, Chapter 3. Also, just a minor point, that it is a generic fruit, not an apple that they are said to have eaten. Apples, actually, came from the new world. The closest thing there to an apple would’ve been a quince. The story, in the Judeo-Christian tradition, is a beautiful and magnificent way of trying to shed light on the human condition and the loving relationship that the Lord wants to have with all of us. Yes, we as humans sin, and break our covenants with the Lord, but we are continually called back to renewal and reconciliation so as to begin again through His mercy. This is, of course, for those of us who believe.

    Keep up the great videos! You, Mark, Lizzie, Helen, and the rest do agreat job!

  9. ..too funny at 4:15…this is a actually one of your best videos….and more interaction with Mark… Finally…when I was younger ha ha ha…I remember a guy called Helmut Newton..and looking at his pictures…oddly enough I had to write two papers..for London poly ..at that time on the subject Susan Sontag. Etc…

  10. Imogen, do you guys have a video regarding starting out with nude photography? I can see how for example you and Mark having working together for some time now would be easy to do.

  11. Appreciate the history concerned to nude and well summed up. I believe there could be more to it experimenting with the nude , in terms of energy and enthusiasm. Most of photographs out here are dark and sad . I am more of a positive person.

  12. Excellent video as always. True nude art is beautiful not salacious and the photos you chose demonstrate that really well. Though You Tube, Instagram want to "protect" it is ironic the images of violence they do permit. When all you guys are doing is showing aesthetic beauty. By the way the score of Bach Lute Suites I saw in the background would be perfect music for one on your videos. Loving your book as well.

  13. very good ,, id like to see u chat about how old photos were made like the 1898 photo ,, iv no idea when the first photo was ever taken on this planet ,,, keep up the videos you 2

  14. Dear Imogen, I know this is really long comment, but I would appreciate if you could read it, since I also have a few questions for you :)).

    First of all, I really liked this video, altough I think a few people will click on it thinking that they will directly see a nude photo session, given the title. But other than that, I quite enjoyed it, simply because, just like you've said, there are plenty of artisitc ways in which you can represent the human body. And I enjoyed the range of the photos you've shown. Some of them showed the beauty of the human body, where as other, such as the last one, seemed to be more uncomfortable. There is something about that photo that just seems slightly scary to me. I also enjoyed the composition and some of the artisitc effects in these photos.

    Regarding youtube demonitizing videos, I think the biggest flaw that youtube makes is that they don't care for context. If the video is too violent, or if it has nudity or curse words in it, it will probably get demonitized. But nudity, violence and curse words can be said and interpreted in all kinds of ways. Now, since Youtube is a private company they can do this, they have the right, but it still shows a big disregard for the context in which someone presents their content. I wonder, has this video been demonitized?

    My last question, which I wanted to ask you, is one that I started asking myself a few weeks ago ever since I watched some of your photos on Flickr and/or online. I would've waited for maybe a Q&A video, but since the subject matter of my question is linked with nude photography. This subject matter might be a bit uncomofortable for you, but I would enjoy if you could answer so that I could see your point of view on this stuff.

    While going trough Marks Flickr or Google images, I have noticed a few photos of yours that are quite nude inspired. Photos that some might say are actually nude, pretty much. There are a few photos where you did show quite a bit of skin or you wre wearing an outfit from which we could see a few intimate areas, because the outfit was slightly see-trough. My question would be, how do you feel about those photos looking back? Would you still do something like that? And also, have you considered that maybe you aren't so prudish as you think you are since you have taken such photos? ( and to be very clear, I do not mean this in a judgemental way at all. And you are definitely more restrained than other models out there ). I was just curious, or maybe you did those photos because Mark wanted to capture a particular style or image and you felt the artisitc merit of the photos was compelling enough? I would really like if you would answer these as I am quite interested in hearing your point of view. Other than that, have a good day!

  15. Hi, very clear this is not an easy subject for you, you are obviously very uptight about the naked form. I have read a number of books regarding the human form, there are a great many styles available without ever getting near the edge of eroticism or even exposing the more sensitive areas of the body. Enjoyed some of Dali's more surreal work, also where parts of the body have added items like a camel train and taken at low level up close to make the body look like a desert landscape. Enjoying your video updates, keep up the good work. Rgds.

  16. Hi Imogen. Love when you and Mark share your opinions on photo books or your favorite photos from your own collection. I particularly liked this vid because you mentioned a couple powerhouse photographers who I idolized as I was learning photography years ago…Edward Weston and Bill Brandt. I always admired Weston's brilliant side-by-side images of the nude and the bell pepper. Here is a link to an image on my Instagram page that I did recently that obviously was inspired by Brandt. Hope you like it. Love you guys.


  17. "By the pricking of my thumb……." Macbeth does seem to stick in those far flung recesses of the mind. I do love these programs on photography books, keep them coming! You made me laugh about the prudish side, a remnant of the Victorian era.

  18. Some of my favourites are by Bailey of Marie Helvin in his book “Trouble and Strife”. They were married at the time. I also particularly like shots of ‘the body as landscape’ – I guess your final photo falls somewhat into that category.

  19. How does a photographer break into doing nude photography? Whats the rules of engagement when asking a model? Is it just as simple as asking that person how she or he feels about that?

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