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Medicare For All Polls: Senate Democrats Lagging Behind Voters – Viral Trends

Medicare For All Polls: Senate Democrats Lagging Behind Voters

TYT Politics Contributor David Sirota (https://Twitter.com/DavidSirota) discusses the gap that exists between what Democratic voters want and what Democratic …


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  1. I just watched morning joe tell it the other way around. Here was my response. %81 percent thumbs down!!! :-D. %81 are calling b.s. Now all we need is the right to free and fair elections!

  2. The gap is the corporate cocksucker democrats who collect millions from their corporate bosses and fuck the people. They say they represent the people but vote for their corporate bosses wishes. This is what is wrong with the Democratic Party scum pieces of shit corporate democrats ! Hold them accountable.

  3. Just got my 2018 changes to my medicare "Advantage" plan. Obviously written by an actuary somewhere micro-filtering drugs and medical procedures to squeeze every little ounce of profit out of the coverage.
    Now also in the higher cost of healthcare is paying this person to micromanage medical care to maximize profit.
    Healthcare for profit is guaranteed to cost more than Healthcare for Health.

  4. Come on David I support your cause but that poll you showed at 0:50 seconds is bs. You have deliberately left out the dont know/N/A answers, which are almost a match for the no answers on some of the charts. Also, its a university poll so there is a fair degree of probability that the only people they asked are registered voters from a University campus.

  5. The bottom line is, it's the only plan that will save the most possible lives and extend care to the greatest possible number of people (effectively everyone.) And it's also, in the long term, the only way to prevent the day coming when we simply cannot afford our current system anymore and people literally simply get left to die. Which is going to happen eventually on our present course. Inevitably.

  6. Think about this, shortly after the election that nearly as many registered voters stayed home last election as voted. There are probably many reasons, but I have to think that a good portion of it was because there really wasn't a good person to vote for. One side just wants to defend the status quo, and the other just wants to repeal every sort of protection there is. Unless the Dems get their act together, they will no doubt lose more seats in the house and senate and will have nobody to blame but themselves for doing what they are doing. Very few are doing anything worth re-electing.

  7. Get rid of the super delegates and I bet it all changes. Voters don't matter when the super delegates can put whatever candidate they choose into office. Right now, the people have no power. The democratic party aren't being very democratic it would seem.

  8. Remember, Trump's base is highly enthusiastic and motivated. Trump has support on steroids.
    The Democratic party need to support policies which create enthusiasm, like "Medicare for All".
    If Dem's don't get their policies in alignment with the majority of people, they will lose in 2020.

  9. Even the V.P. admitted to people in Alaska yesterday saying that if the repeal of Obamacare fails, we're going to have the same kind of healthcare Canada has. One can only hope.

  10. Fortunately Demoturd voters are on the run, and once again you fucktards are believing polls, which are a propaganda instrument and a JOKE. Killary will win in a LANDSLIDE with 330 electoral votes—said the POLLS.

  11. The Democratic Party needs to Adopt Medicaire for all as a Key Element of its Platform, I beleive it should be a Principle!!When Medicaire was originally Conceived, I think their Intention was to eventually Implement it for All Americans… Lets get this done, We will stand much stronger also against the Republicans.I think that The Key Reson there are Democrats in Congress opposed to it is They are Compromised Financially By The Medical Industry. Citizens United has completely Bought the Republican Party, But Some of The Democratic Party is still Intact, We need to Get rid of those influenced By Citizens United Money. They do not work for Donors, They work For We the People!!!

  12. Most establishment democrats need to go. Their thinking is skewed. These quasi-progressives failed to recognize the populist sentiments of the electorate and treated Bernie like a joke. Franken, Pelosi, Murray, Cantwell, Shumer and so on and so on. Bernie is carrying the Dem party and he should be thanked.

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