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Landscape Photography – First Wild Camp – Need your help! – Viral Trends

Landscape Photography – First Wild Camp – Need your help!

What are you up to now Lee? 🙂 Well folks, I’m off on my first wild camping trip to Dartmoor. I need your help though! In this episode I list out my kit that I am taking but want to see if you more advanced hikers/campers can help me in either reducing weight or let me know what I have forgot or should really take.

I am planning on going to Dartmoor national park as you are legally aloud to wild camp. I will be going with company and we have mapped the hike and planned on a rough camping spot near Yes Tor and high Willhays Tor.

Why am I doing this? Well it’s simple really! I am doing this to build my fitness to allow me to get to places that are off the beaten track. I want to get more Landscape Photos of areas that have not been photographed by millions of people and to share the experience with you guys 🙂 Now, don’t get me wrong, there are thousands of places I have not shot yet that are more accessible. Like I said, this is for fitness as well as getting great images.

So do you know someone that wild camps, hikes, day hikes or any one that may be able to help me prepare? If you do, or you yourself can help me, please reach out and let me know 🙂

Like I said, I will be going out on Dartmoor. I will only be staying out one night next weekend (Beginning of autumn). The route we have planned will be a 6 mile round trip, stopping to camp around half way. We will be starting the Hike at approx 11am. On day 2 we will be walking back to the car, dropping off the camping gear and then taking a nice steady 2 mile walk around the reservoir and woods.

Hopefully this video may help other Hikers/Wild Campers/Photographers that are also thinking of embarking on a little more adventure.

Please share with your friends as the more info i get the safer i will feel 🙂 Thank you all so much for your help.

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Comments 20

  1. Hi Lee. Watched as promised! I've gone through all the comments and everything has been said already. I'd recommend a Sawyer water filter. They are cheap but very realable and do the job! Water is heavy so only carry it when you need too. If you get into it and start wild camping on a regular basis then you'll get to know what kit is right or wrong for your style. OEX do a nice one man tent called the Phoxx I think. It's really light weight and not expensive at all!! Go outdoors have it on offer ATM. If you are brave enough and sleep under tarps like I do then you'll get your pack weight down a fair bit. Good luck with your first wild camp. I'll look forward to watching ?

  2. Hi Lee, just found your channel. Nice to see another Sony user 🙂

    Looks like a heavy pack, you've done the right thing though. Getting all the essentials and not spending shed loads until you know its for you.

    I would add a tick removal kit to your first aid kit and as the temps are starting to drop I'd use your foil blanket under the sleeping mat to radiate some of your body heat back to you.

    If your going to do more wild camps and your going to stick with gas, weigh your canister when new and do a few boil/cook tests, weigh after each one and work out how much gas your using. Its a good way of knowing roughly how much gas you've got left and not waking up and not having hot food or a drink.

    I dont know how far you intend on walking, I spend allot of time on Dartmoor and happy to point out some routes/camp spots.

    Two useful websites for you;



    ATB, and subbed, Dave

  3. Love the video Lee. I must admit my back groaned at the size of you pack. I tend to go ultralight these days and everything fits into a 30 litre day pack. Where I go is wilderness so I always take a personal locator beacon for emergencies. Always take a map and compass and know how to use it. As you do more camping you will invest in better kit. I done use a tent. Instead I a tarp like the one you are sitting on. Ditch the pad for a inflatable or self inflating thermorest. I currently use a klymit mat and a down top quilt instead of a sleeping bag. Sometimes I use a hammock. The first aid kit is another essential and in my case snake bite kit. Yes. I do come across snakes regularly. For food consider the US backcountry meals. They tend to be expensive but are good value. Just add hot water and let them sit for short time. Hope you enjoy your camp. I look forward to seeing the photos..

  4. Measuring measurements… always handy to have Lee. I would add two items to your medical kit would be midge spray and diarreoah, dieintherear… anti runny bum tablets, oh and also a small picket/swiss army knife and a cheap head torch.

  5. Every hiking trip I go on regardless of a single day or not I always carry a water filter system, compass and map, large knife, a backup charging system, small medical kit and "moleskin". I want to be always prepared in case I have to stay overnight. I can make a temporary shelter. Enjoy

  6. Nice video Lee. If there's one thing I'd change – Get the Foil backed foam mat. The ground will suck the heat out of you, foil side up to reflect the body heat back and help keep you warm. As Graham mentioned if you get cold and wet it can make the whole thing a misery. Actually I think you didn't mention waterproof trousers either. Have fun. Rgds, BG

  7. Sounds like fun..for future trips I would recommend to use a sleeping bag for minus temperatures like the Microlite 700. Even now the temperatures at night are colder than you think. Crocs? Really? Sorry but they are a no..you are better off with camping booties. Definitely protein bars, they are small and light but give you all you need. Maybe a wind up torch and a book for the lonely hours. ?Hope you are having a lovely trip and I am looking forward to your video ??

  8. I like your optimism, 'were not in winter yet' and 'Dartmoor' do not go together that well ? I would seriously recommend a self inflating mattress , even a 3/4 length. You will be amazed how cold it can get and a mattress plus the foam mat will help. I have that very stove/pan set and it is not bad for the odd trips. I don't camp anymore (as in tents that is, I still stand with one hand in hip……) so I don't need a stove that will take a ton of punishment but it gets good reviews and brews a fine cup. Take more cloths than you think you could possibly need. Keeping warm at night is soooo important, don't scrimp as cold is really the enemy even in summer never mind autumn. Have a look at Nigel Bailey's 'DSLR Life' channel, he does a lot of Dartmoor wild camp photography. Triple up on socks, wet socks are really soul destroying, ask Tim Day ?. Don't scrimp on food or water, running out of either is not good. Take some energy food like flapjacks, chocolate trail snacks. They help fuel the energy you need to carry the stuff and can be a treat if you get tired. If you like hot chocolate, take a few sachets as they can be warming and comforting when you settle for the evening. No alcohol, it drops your core temperature. Above all, you need to enjoy it. Extra weight is better than being uncomfortable at night.

  9. Hope all goes well on the camping trip. Some nice equipment in the bag and well packed. Looking forward to the vlog. I will keep an eye on the new for a man lost on the moors lol jk have fun and be careful

  10. Lee, great job with your packing list. Depending on your trek location, distance and your knowledge of the area, I would recommend a map and compass. Also, depending on the duration of your trip, possibly a water purifying kit. And lastly, if you're not accustomed to longer treks and regardless of how much your boots are broken in, maybe some "Moleskin" to help prevent blisters, those always make for a bad hiking trekking trip. Otherwise, great job, good luck and have a blast! John.

  11. Headlamp…headlamp…! White/red (night vision) light…
    map and compass…Remember to tell someone where you are going.
    A few wet wipes…and some toilet paper in ziplock bag
    Small knife…
    Food & snack + waste bag.
    Remember to charge your phone.
    Small notebook and pencil, for ideas and dreams…!
    Tuber: Nigel Bailey…https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBwMDtTkmEvIdYFzyKKUMZw
    Make a "test camp" in your garden…!
    Try out yourself and your gear…
    before you go wild…
    Greetings from Denmark…Jakob.

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