2014 Toyota Prius Test Drive/Review by “Average Guy Car Reviews”

Ready to save on fuel??


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  1. Are you sure that you are an average guy? If yes only for a certain part of the world? I am over 82 years old and got in 2016 a Prius V and I am extremely happy with it. With all the sped limits in Canada I have fun again driving such a car. Between filling up I never used more that 5.1l/100km. That was at low temperatures. Now in June I am down to 4.2 l/100km. Driving most teh time alone. I have no problems with ergonomics and the materials used. Weight saving without spending an arm and a leg is important fora ll cars. It is mandatory to understand basic physics to drive to achieve good mileage. I already have driven over 28 000 km with my Prius V without any problems or major complains, but everything can be improved – even the Prius!

  2. most 60 year olds who have driven for the past 40 years or so can probably drive a stick, so I don't know if I agree with that argument. Tho with it being "new technology" that scares old people, so your point could still be valid. Dude you cracked me up, I'm looking at getting one of these cars possibly. Came across your video, great vid man.

  3. The idiot in the car complains about the heat outside, but he/she is driving without even turning on the air-conditioning!  Uneducated Yanks…prime example of why people complain about the colonies and their citizens.

  4. I can't understand this person's Lingo!!!  Where did he learn to speak the Queen's English?  If he came to an English speaking country, he would most likely end up in a mental institution.  Is this person insane? I can't understand his lingo at all.  I can pick up a word or two.  He mentions something about "a booty area".  The 'boot" is in the rear of the car, you idiot!!  "Look at this shift", what is this lunatic talking about? Go back to school you idiot!!!

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