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Travel Photography in Austria and a Photo Contest – Viral Trends

Travel Photography in Austria and a Photo Contest

Some travel photography and a photo contest were on the schedule for today’s vlog.
For the photo contest visit: http://bit.ly/2wObw7z
See more of my travel photography in Austria and beyond on my Instagram account @brendanvanson.
I’m on this post tour after my conference in the Tirol region of Austria. And, I’m trying to make the most out of things as a travel photographer even though the trip is definitely set up more for bloggers. It can always be a mission as a photographer getting shots on blog or press trips, but I rolled out of bed at about 6am to get a couple shots.
Travel photography is really all about getting out in the right light for the situation, and in this part of Austria it seems that sunrise is the best time of day to get cool shots. I didn’t wander too far from my hotel this morning. I literally used the hotel as the foreground for my imagery. It totally worked with the beautiful alpenglow that hit the mountains in the morning.
After my sunrise photography, the other bloggers and I headed out to explore a bit. We started with the Swarovski kristallwelten which is a cool museum and art gallery just outside the town of Hall. I had fun there, and even managed to get a couple cool photos even though it was the middle of the day.
Later in the day, we wandered through the town of Hall, Austria which was very cool, actually. I was a fan, and would love to come back at some point and shoot some travel photography there. Being the middle of the day, it didn’t really work.
Tomorrow on the vlog, I’ve got a bit more travel photography in the works here in Austria, and a hike as well.


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Comments 24

  1. Thank you for the trip down memory lane, especially at S Crystal World. I am sorry that it was as busy as it was for you, I did manage to take some really fun photos while I was there. (I am a few days behind on your vlogs).

  2. It's called Swarovski Kristallwelten (Swarovski Crystal Worlds). Swarovski is sometimes difficult to pronounce in English :-)Thank you for the great video starting with the "Alpenglow" and then continuing in the realm of our Giant at Wattens. It was fun watching the video and listening to your comments. And it was a pleasure to meet you at the Social Travel Summit in Kitzbühel. Best, Thomas, Social Media Team

  3. Brendan, I thoroughly enjoy all your videos, and your take on the places you go.  It is cool to look up where you are on a map, so maybe you can put all these hard to pronounce names somewhere in the description?  Cheers!  Keep up the amazing work!

  4. Don’t be so hard on yourself re jet lag. You went from the west coast all the way to Austria and then, to make it worse, your getting up BEFORE the natives. Thanks for getting up but try to get to bed with the locals schedule.

  5. I can tell you understand…since Google did away with Panoramio…how do you find great location pics. Google with Panoramio was the best ever. Trover is a baby though with great up potential…till Google buys it and DESTROYS IT

  6. Too bad, the contest is for UK, USA and Canada (except Quebec???) legal residents. So, my photos of the Zombie Walk in Buenos Aires are not eligible, hummm… they were quite lousy to win anything, probably! I recently found your awesome channel, I know you were a bit bored in Buenos Aires, but I would like to ask you anyway; did you see/photograph some of the Art Nouveau buildings here? Like Galería Güemes, Casa de los lirios, Casa de los pavos reales…
    Austria seems to be a very cool place! I like the "Trees'' and the playground, something funny in very nice landscapes.

  7. Love the vlog. Bit off topic but, I'm in the market for a new tripod as I'm looking to move to carbon fibre, 3 legged thing tripods are top of my list as they seem to be a good all rounder, especially the centre column being able to make a monopod, would you recommend them?

  8. I went on a 5 day mountain Hut tour this year in Austria – it was great! Just not that photogenic ;-). My tip: Make sure the lakes on the map aren't surrounded by ugly roads or concrete :-D!

  9. Haha, so cool that you ended up exploring Hall and residing at Speckbacherhof of all places in Tirol! I was born in Hall and grew up there 🙂 Great shots of the hotel (and St. Martin in the last video). Coming back for a few days hike up in the mountains is for sure a good idea. Many huts can be easily reached, and staying overnight up there is also a great opportunity for some night photography. Cheers!

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